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In life, there comes a time when one might require assistance because he or she is no longer able to take good care of themselves as they used to do. This is a reality in life and so there is nothing to be ashamed of. When such a time comes, a person might need to consider assisted senior living communities. These communities can be in the form of dedicated communities providing only assisted living, or continuing care retirement communities that encompass multiple senior living options. Before deciding on whether to choose the type of senior living community you need, you need to know all the important details about what the communities generally offer.

Continuing care retirement communities are becoming popular nowadays and are a good alternative to home-based care. But what exactly makes continuing care retirement homes popular? Here is everything you might need to know about continuing care retirement communities. (See also: What Senior Lifestyle Should You Choose?)

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

CCRCs are retirement facilities for seniors that provide accommodation for senior citizens and offer the residents a continuum of care. When one reaches their golden years, the needs will keep changing, moving between levels of care as might be necessary. Continuing care retirement communities are also referred to as senior living communities. The CCRCs charges monthly maintenance fee and offer services depending on the life plan you have chosen. For the older adults in need of assisted living, these communities will offer the services as the need arises. That is the reason why they are referred to as continuing care retirement communities.

Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community Right for You?

These assisted living communities are becoming a popular choice for retirees with different needs. This is because they provide one with peace of mind compared to other alternatives for the retirees. As a senior citizen, you might not be able to take care of yourself, and your children and other relatives may be too busy with their lives.

These retirement homes offer a chance to “age in place” without involving busy relatives. This is the reason why even the seniors who are healthy and independent today plan ahead to move to these communities.  For many retirees, they aren’t sure whether they would like to live in continuing care retirement communities or not. Here are some key considerations that will help you in making that decision:

  1. Do you desire less home maintenance and prefer having various services and amenities within your reach?
  2. Are you looking for a better plan that lets you address your future health care needs?
  3. Would you want to lessen the burden of your family members when you require assisted living or nursing care?
  4. Would you want to meet your peers and have an opportunity to live together?
  5. Do privacy and independence matter most for you?
  6. Does committing in advance to your future needs make you more comfortable?

If the answer to the above questions is mostly yes, then you are ready for continuing care retirement communities. CCRC is where you will enjoy better privacy and independence and at the same time allow your family members to continue with their daily activities without burdening them.

Do Continuing Care Retirement Communities Offer On-Site Medical Services?

One of the top advantages of senior living villages is that these communities will offer you on-site nursing and medical services. This is a good choice for senior citizens since they are able to plan for their changing health needs as they get immediate medical attention. Instead of waiting until your medical needs are on the decline, the continued care retirement communities will provide medical services depending on the contract signed. (See also: Infographic: Seniors Medication Errors)

Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community Ideal for Couples?

CCRCs can accommodate couples and so for the senior living couples with varying health needs, these communities a good place to be. They offer amenities that suit couples, enabling them to take good care of each other. Thus, CCRCs will let you age in love as you live with your loved one. The couples living in continuing care retirement communities can choose a customized living space that lets them move in with their pets as well. Therefore, life in the senior living communities is similar to living at home, with the added benefit of various senior living services at your fingertips.

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