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If you don’t know what CBD is, then you’ve at least seen it in the news or in an advertisement. This substance found the cannabis plant has changed the way we look at medicinal cannabis. It has sparked a revolution in medicine, the beauty industry and much more.

People have used it for a variety of purposes, but what is it? What makes it so different from marijuana that legislators and politicians have changed their minds on the issue? Let’s take a look at the details and some key facts about CBD.

Is CBD oil legal?

CBD oil is officially legal in all 50 states. You can order products to any part of the US without suffering legal consequences. The reason for this is the fact that CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp is a part of the cannabis genus, but it’s very different from Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa.

Indica and Sativa are the ones to thank for marijuana. They contain THC, which is, like CBD, cannabinoid. CBD isn’t psychoactive and legislators have been much more lenient towards it. CBD oil is legal everywhere, but some brands insert THC into their product. The legal limit for THC in CBD oil is 0.3%. If a product contains more, you might be in danger of legal repercussions. Inform yourself before choosing the right CBD oil.

What makes CBD oil different from marijuana?

It’s all about the key components. Marijuana is abundant with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive cannabinoid. It’s the substance responsible for the so-called “high” feeling that you get when you smoke marijuana.

Although CBD is also a cannabinoid, it’s much different. It doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. This property alone gauged a lot of interest in the international medical community.

People were thrilled by the fact that they would be able to use CBD. Many used medical marijuana but were unable to do so constantly due to the psychoactive effects of THC. With CBD, they were suddenly able to drive, go to work and spend time with their kinds in a completely normal state of mind. (See also: Can CBD Oil Really Help With Your Overall Health?)

Does CBD oil have a taste?

CBD oil naturally doesn’t have a taste. Some may call it a natural flavor, but it usually comes without taste agents. In some cases, manufacturers add sweet flavors or citrus to the mixture. If you want to add flavor to your CBD oil, you might want to vape it by mixing it in with an e-liquid. This both regulates the CBD dosage and adds flavor to vaping.

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil alone, you might be interested in edibles, such as CBD gummies, CBD cake or CBD coffee. Since its rise in popularity, CBD has been a subject of interest. Brands put it in all sorts of products, solving the problem of taste. If you like snacks, then you might like them, even more, when they’re infused with CBD.

How often should you take it?

CBD oil is completely natural and it doesn’t need to be limited. Taking more than your needed dose won’t harm, as it’s just an organic compound. As such, you can take CBD every day or more often, if you need immediate relief.

It’s important to mention that dosage depends on the individual. It’s all about estimating the right quantity for you and testing it. Don’t forget to write down the results to find the ideal dosage. Also, different CBD oil products have different amounts of actual oil in it. Tinctures and concentrates contain the most per unit of mass, while snacks and edibles contain the least CBD oil.

What methods of consumption exist?

Thankfully, the CBD industry has evolved a lot, giving users more and more opportunities and different methods. You can purchase bottled CBD oil or a tincture if you don’t have previous experience. These products usually include swallowing a drop of oil or placing drops under your tongue. If you don’t like the taste of the oil, you can buy a flavored product or go for encapsulated CBD oil.

You can also experiment with edibles or CBD oil-infused nasal spray. For topical treatment, there are various types of creams and ointments. These are usually for immediate pain relief and athletic injuries.

Is there something else to know about CBD oil?

Be careful about the brand you buy from. Everyone advertises their CBD oil as the best, but don’t be gullible. Explore reviews and ask to see their certificate of safety and FDA-approval. Official documents are the best way to see if a CBD oil brand is reputable or not.


CBD oil is a part of a booming industry. You can ingest it in several different ways and it’s completely safe. Dosing and other details are completely up to you. We hope you enjoy your first venture into the world of CBD.

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