Exercise for Beginners

Regular exercise is essential to stay fit and healthy.

It is very good to know that today’s generation is very concerned about their fitness and health.

There are enormous benefits that a person can get by exercising every day. Exercising may feel difficult in the beginning, but by time, you will start feeling a positive change in your body.

There are many ways you can work out, based on your fitness goals and body needs.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with basics and gradually push your limits.

This article would help you start your exercise routine, but you will only get more benefits if you do it every day and get perfect body nutrition through a healthy diet.

Here is a guide for beginners to plan their work out routine.

1. Get A Physical Check-up

Get A Physical Check-up

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First thing first, you need to get a health check-up from your doctor. You should not randomly pick any exercise routine without consulting your doctor.

Understand your body needs; your doctor can better tell you what kind of exercise you require and what you should avoid depending on your body and health.

2. Choose an Exercise Type 

Choose an Exercise Type

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There are many types of exercises, such as aerobics, calisthenics, boot camps, balance, flexibility, etc. Now, it is up to you which exercise you pick up.

Your doctor can also help you choose the right kind of exercise based on your health, age, and other factors.

Selecting the right exercise also depends on your stamina and the fitness goals you want to achieve.

It is obvious that exercise is going to hurt you in the beginning because your body is not used to it; in the first few days your muscles might hurt, but soon things will get normal.

You should consume some amount of whey protein after a workout; it would help your muscle repair faster.

3. Make Realistic Goals

Make Realistic Goals

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Most people go for a harsh workout, in the beginning, to get the result faster, but in one week or two, they lose motivation and quit exercise.

Sticking to your workout routine is very important, and for this, you should make realistic goals by keeping the bigger picture in mind.

No matter if you are starting with 10-15 minutes of workout, as far as you are doing it every day, it would definitely help your body getting into shape.

For example, if you make a goal to run 3 miles every day, start with short runs and gradually exceed your limit.

4. Listen to Your Body 

Listen to Your Body

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You can start by trying different types of exercises to figure out what goes best for you. Don’t try to push yourself hard because it would make your body suffer.

Stay within the limits of your body and slowly push yourself to increase the capacity. If an exercise is hurting too much and causing constant pain, you better leave it and switch to some other workout type that your body can easily accept.

No matter how small you start, if you are consistent, it would reflect on your body.

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