5 Tips To Get Strategic About Your Exercise Routine

I know you promised yourself to get fit this year.

So, how’s your progress?

Have you been working out for a beach-worthy body and going for green salads? Or are you plopping down on your lawn chair every weekend and munching on a burger and sugary drinks?

Whether this is a wake-up call to push you to high gear at just looking for ways to supercharge your progress, there are simple strategies you can implement to get the more out of your exercise routine.

Tips To Get Strategic About Your Exercise Routine

It’s high time to get strategic about your exercise routine! Incorporate these tricks to boost your motivation and see results!

1. Eat Breakfast

Most people ditch the very first meal of the day— breakfast!

However, if you skip this very important meal, you are preventing your body from performing at its best and failing to give it the necessary boost it needs.

Eat Breakfast

Without the proper boost, you will feel tired and too lazy to exercise. Also, eating a healthy breakfast, particularly one that is well-balanced, can fuel your day ahead and prevent you from making poor diet choices throughout the day.

That means you will not be tempted to go for a quick stop at fast-food restaurants and gobble up on something since you feel so hungry!

And if you are on a keto diet, you’ll need to supplement first thing in the morning so you stay in ketosis. There are lots of great MCT oils available for keto dieters including the Mickey T MCT Oil Reviews at KetoaHolics.com.

2. Be Consistent With Your Workout Routine

Consistency will offer you the results you want.

The programming of the exercise is based on the concept of progressive overloading. It is the process of taxing your body just a bit more than what it considers normal so that it is forced to adapt to new demands that are imposed on it.

This is how your body gradually gets healthier, stronger, and leaner.

So, if you find yourself skipping a day routine or too lazy to go to the gym, find new ways to add exercise to your day at work.

3. Watch Your Form and Control Your Movements

Poor form and posture during a workout can result in an injury. You will need to keep your back aligned with your buttocks tucked in, abdominal muscles contracted and your knees aligned over your feet. This is especially important in activities that include reaching overhead or jumping.

Watch Your Form and Control Your Movements

Also, you will need to be in control of your movement. Slow down and work out at a moderate pace. Hasty, jerky actions can also set the stage for an injury, causing you to pause your workout routine.

4. Pay Attention To Pain

“No pain, no gain” is a total myth. If you have constant pain when exercising, you will need to stop and not even try to continue unless you can do so painlessly.

In general, muscle soreness after the first workout is normal. However, continuous pain even after several workouts is another matter. You may not be warming up properly or are exercising strenuously or for too long.

Regardless, you will need to re-think your workout plan, if you want to see results without being handicapped.

5. Drink More Water

You need to keep yourself well hydrated when working out and replace all those fluids you lost through sweating. This is especially important when you are working out during hot weather when you can easily lose over a quart of water in an hour.

Drink More Water

Neglecting to replace those lost fluids in your body may cause nausea and lethargy which can interfere with your performance.

Also, even if you are not thirsty, you must drink at regular intervals when working out.

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