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This article is all about eyebrow microblading scabbing during healing. So, it mainly discusses everything which is needed to be known in this regard.

Microblading Scabbing: What Is Normal and What Is Not While Healing

Light scabbing is generally considered to be a normal part of the microblading healing process. While light scabbing is just a normal process but heavy scabbing is not. So, it indicates that the overall healing process is full of ups and downs.

This is the main reason, it is very important to have complete knowledge about the journey. It involves earning about what you should expect in terms of scabbing and also how to make sure that the results are 100% perfect.

What To Expect

Scabbing is usually a part of the normal healing process after you get your brows microblade. Most of the people are again freaked out of the fact that at the time a scab comes off; it tends to look like it takes all the pigment away with it.

A “patchy” appearance to the brows is also left by this particular process. So it indicates that the microblading healing process generally possess is ups and downs. Sometimes, in order to illustrate the overall process, you may take day-by-day pictures of your clients. From those images, it is indicated that the process of scabbing starts occurring around day 5 and then persists through day 10.

By day 9, you will get to see that most of the scabs have fallen off which reveals a lighter brow and color. On the other hand, by day 12, you can particularly see that the brows have softened up and also lightened considerably but they are no longer patchy. You will also find that there is about 85% retention of the pigment. This is again considered to be the normal scabbing healing and microblading process.

Why Does Scabbing Occur?

Simply, scabbing is known to be a normal part of the healing process. Microblading again requires making a very small cut into the skin to the dermal-epidermal level junction. For long-lasting results, this is again the perfect place for setting the pigments.

But, it is not that deep enough to cause scarring or a permanent tattoo. So, the process of scabbing generally results as a part of the normal healing process. But in case, the strokes go very deep then, it should be known that some of the scabbing is considered to be normal but heavy scabbing is not.

Is It Ok In Case The Scabs Fall Off?

As long as the scabs come off naturally and also on their own, it is ok. The scabbing process is normal and so, your scabs sometimes may take some of your pigment with them whenever they fall off. This is again considered to be the main reason for which you should not pick your scabs.

A loss of pigment ay generally is resulted by picking your scabs which may again need to be re-applied. In case, you have such a tendency to pick scabs or wound, then, you are required to disclose this particular information to the stylist as they may help you to change the healing process.

How Long Does The Scabbing Last?

Generally, the overall process of scabbing should last for about 5 to 7 days. Also, it does not start around day 5 and preferably continues till around day 12. In addition to the microblading, if you had shading done to your brown then the process of scabbing might start earlier and also last for a little bit later.

In that way, if your scabbing becomes inflamed or red or very intense, then it may be considered to be an early sign or warning for the development of an infection.

Should I Pick My Scabs?

You should not absolutely pick your scabs. So, under no circumstances, you are allowed to pull or pick at your scabs. In case, you pick off your scabs then you also may pull off the pigment along with the scab. Thus, you will preferably run the risk of losing all of your hard work whenever you went through with your first visit.

Also, you must always let your scabs to fall naturally. It does not matter how gross it may feel or look. You should also let your stylist know about any of the issues which you face while picking off the skin or scabs prior to the appointment.

How To Retain Your Pigment And Your Results?

You must preferably be aware of the best way which is helpful to retain your pigment and also your results. Also, your healing should be perfect whenever you remember that as long as you are involved in following the aftercare instructions and also avoid picking your scabs.

All that is needed is to make sure that you trust your stylist and also trust the entire process. Along with that, you also need to make sure that you are using your intuition at the time of the healing process. You should always choose to reach out to your stylist for future direction in case you do not feel right or something feels off.


So, it is cleared from the above section that there are a lot of things which are needed to be considered regarding the eyebrow microblading scabbing. It is always the worth of effort and time that will contribute to ensuring that you have the perfect brows.

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