Are you ready to face the world confidently? Do you want to feel younger as you undertake your daily activities? Well, the solution is here with us. Face massage is a must-do if you are to maintain that young attractive look on your face. You can all agree with me that a wrinkled face makes you appear much older than you really are and in turn affects your esteem.

Many factors will affect the appearance of your skin including the use of wrong skin products, overusing some products and direct exposure of your skin to the harsh environmental conditions. In case you are a victim of the above issues and you are looking for that younger, brighter look on your face, then face massage is the best solution for you to explore.

Which face massages are needed for a younger look?

An effective face massage can be done in two major ways:


Massage is done to brighten the face

These types of massage are usually done to encourage blood flow in the face removing any toxins that may have accumulated in the face tissues. Since the facial skin is more sensitive, this massage should be done lightly with a special focus on the lymph area, cheeks, and the eyebrow arches.

Massages are done facelift

This massage is done to remove the premature wrinkles on the face. For this reason, special focus should be placed on the areas prone to wrinkling including the mouth corners, cheeks, forehead, eye area, and the frown line. This type of massage encourages the production of collagen thus eliminating the wrinkles.

How does face massage aid in maintaining a younger look?

Face massage contributes to a younger look in several different ways including:


Promotion of good blood circulation to the face

Blood circulation to your face is very important in as far as your skin health is concerned. During face massage, light pressure is exerted on the facial blood vessels. This pressure tends to open up the blood vessels hence an increased flow of blood to the face. Blood carries with it oxygen and nutrients which nourish the facial skin giving it that younger look. In addition, the supply of blood to the face together with these nutrients quickens the healing of acne and other facial blemishes and infections.

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Reduces wrinkle formation on the face

Naturally, massage serves to reduce the intensity of the aging process. This, it accomplishes by promoting the production of collagen, which serves to maintain skin elasticity and strength thereby preventing it from folding or sagging.

In addition, by massaging your face with natural products such as cod liver, additional benefits will be realized. Cod liver oil, being rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, and omega 3 fatty acids will serve to reduce the wrinkles further, leaving the skin looking more hydrated and youthful for long. In addition, the nutrients in this oil help to plump the face skin from beneath thus an important anti-aging skin product effective in replacing cosmetic surgery.



Strengthens the facial skin

The skin elasticity function is taken care of by collagen. However with age and exposure to the harsh environmental conditions, collagen is broken down and in turn, the skin elasticity is reduced. The result is less elastic skin which tends to appear old and drooping. However, with face massage, collagen production is promoted and in turn the skin elasticity increases.

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Aids in toxin removal from the face

Some toxins are found beneath the skin while others are just above it. For this reason, even though you wash your face twice a day, you may not be able to deal with all toxins hence prone to skin conditions such as acne. To effectively deal with toxins in the facial skin, a face massage will be necessary. This is because the increased blood flow to the face as a result of the massage will help remove the toxins since blood is a major transport liquid within the body.

In conclusion, therefore, it is important to subject your face often to a face massage if you are to attain that younger look. In fact, with facial massage, there will be no need at all for you to seek facelift cosmetic procedures since massage serves to ensure your body functions naturally. With the above benefits of massage and to fight premature aging, I highly recommend that you start facial massage on your own today.

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