Facts About Your Foot

Let’s admit it; we are all concerned about how we look and how we dress. We make sure that our face is nicely clean and hair pinned up. We also eat well, stay fit, and maintain a good body. However, have you realized that much of your attention is never on your feet?

Having a great leg day at the gym is great, but did you know that you can get your foot infected with the fungus around the gym showers or locker-room floors? We often don’t attend to our foot and ankle, leading to numerous conditions. Let us discuss some of the facts you need to know.

Facts you must know about your foot

1. Feet helps you know your health

Your feet can tell you more about your health condition. For instance, if the hair on the toes disappears or the skin on the feet becomes thinner, you might have a peripheral arterial disease (PAD). It is a result of poor circulation caused by plaque buildup in your leg arteries. This gives you a hint of heart issues, clogged arteries, and more.

2. Bunions are bad

The pointy pumps that happen due to pushing the big toe towards the smaller are bunions. The skin overlying this part turns red, swollen, and irritated. Most of the times bunions happen from our mistakes, and they could have been prevented. Every time you buy a pair of shoes, make sure you are comfortable to carry it. Click here for good bunion shoes.

3. Length of your toes matter

People who have longer seconds toes tend to have more chances of bunions. These are hammer toes that bent downward and can cause back problems. We will help you know the right shoe types that you need to wear, and how to select them.

4. Feet can grow bigger

A strange fact about feet is that they grow bigger even when you don’t gain weight. Your feet have gone high by half-size in the last 10 years. It can either be in terms of length or width. The simple reason is the tendons and ligaments lose elasticity.

5. Diabetic people need special care

If you are diabetic you need to visit us. We will give you a special guideline to take care of your feet. You are more prone to having blisters, cuts, redness, ulcers, and so on. If you neglect wounds, you might have an infection and that leads to many consequences like an amputation.

6. Learn your lace your sneakers

People with high arches get redness on top of their feet. If you skip the two holes in the middle, you also skip the pain. Loop them vertically on the side of your shoes instead if needed. It might lose a little grip, but it will feel more comfortable.

For more facts and medical help, the Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia is here for you. We have the best specialists to treat foot and ankle conditions. You just need to book an appointment and get your treatments done with ease.

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