It’s that time of year when winter comes, and the holidays are just around the corner and you find yourself binge eating chocolate and sweets because there is so much of it around. Of course, I am not going to tell you not to eat it, or I would be a hypocrite myself. Everyone deserves to eat a few sweets here and there- but I am going to share with you a few ways to prevent your body from looking and feeling like you just ate those sweets. Remember, it’s okay to eat the occasional sweets here and there but it’s important to continue eating healthy and exercising to maintain good health and keep up your healthy routine. You will learn the facts here, but it is your job to implement the tips I am sharing with you in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My first fitness tip is more of a nutritional tip but it will help improve your overall health. You want to make sure during every meal that you are eating slowly. Eating at a slow pace lets your body digest your food correctly and it has proven to lower your insulin levels, which resulted in burning more fat during the day. When you are eating fast, your body doesn’t have time to digest everything that you are taking in properly; therefore you end up putting on more weight. This is especially true when you are eating carbohydrates. It takes your body a little longer to break down the carbs; therefore the slower you eat your carbs the better it is for your health.

If you are about to workout, it is important that you avoid eating fatty foods at least a couple hours before your workout. So try your best to avoid eating a burger before you head to the gym. If you eat fatty foods before working out this will mean that you will have less blood flow to your muscles- therefore eliminating the strength you need.

If you like to drink coffee or you are not afraid of taking caffeine pills than consuming 200mg of caffeine a couple hours before your workout would be beneficial to your body at the gym. This will increase your muscle ability when lifting and as you know caffeine gives you energy so you will feel powerful during your fitness exercises and powerlifting.

Another tip that you should not be surprised to hear is yoga. Yoga can improve your health in many ways than one. Of course, yoga can help you tone up your body but it also aligns your mind with your body and lets you get in touch with how your body is feeling. Yoga is a spiritual exercise and will help improve your breathing abilities. It is also known to help cure many different diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, anxiety, insomnia and many others. With yoga, you are meditating and solely concentrating on your body. If you have yet to participate in a yoga class or experience the after feeling from doing different yoga poses, then I highly recommend you start. It might be life-changing for you!

Don’t use the excuse that you do not have any time to exercise. Of course, you need to make time to exercise because it is crucial for your health. You can set aside only 30 minutes per day to complete a quick exercise and you will see your health improve greatly after your first week.

If you haven’t already tried using a supplement, maybe you should try. You might not be getting all the ingredients in your food that you need in order to build muscle. Supplements help provide your body with extra ingredients to build bigger muscles and some supplements help aid in weight loss. It all depends on what the ingredients are in the supplements. You probably know that protein is good for your muscles so make sure you are eating the right amount of protein before heading to the gym is important.

Now, remember, completing these tips should be done weekly in order to maintain good health. It’s not something you should do one day and forget the next. It takes time and effort and once you put in that time and effort you will receive real results!

About The Author:

Stacey Smith is the freelance health writer. She is passionate to write about women’s health, dental health, diabetes, endocrinology and nutrition and provide in-depth features on the latest in health news for medical clinics and health magazines.


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