5 Nutritionists Tips to Improve Your Immunity and Reduce Stress

A nutritionist often has to use psychology with the individuals he treats. It is not enough to simply tell people what food they should consume.

To change the way you eat, you need to review many different elements in your life if you want to keep your new habits. Otherwise, after a few days or a few weeks, you will go back to your regular ones.

5 Nutritionists Tips to Improve Your Immunity and Reduce Stress

How to improve your immunity and reduce stress. Here are the nutritionists’ tips to live better.

1. Changing Habits

Bad Habits

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When you need to modify your life, it can be quite complicated. Entire books have been written about how to break habits and include new ones in your day-to-day activities.

That’s because you sometimes need to learn techniques to break your routine; that is how difficult it can be. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible and improving your immunity system while reducing the stress is worth some effort.

Eating well is the most important thing to boost your immune system, but it needs to come with a greater plan so that it becomes part of a lifestyle.

In that scenario, you will need to include regular physical activity, which combined with breathing techniques will lead you to peaceful nights. Let’s detail how it works.

2. Learning to Breathe Again

Learning to Breathe Again

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Your immune system is attacked and weakened by the stress and anxiety you face in life.

Therefore, although it is important to strengthen it through a balanced diet (next point), you should first learn how to cope with stress and manage it, so it doesn’t do too much damage to your body.

The first thing to do is to learn breathing techniques for stress. It is the best way to regain control of your breathing and break the cycle of stress and anxiety.

Many studies have shown how important learning how to breathe in moments of high anxiety.

Most of the time, the test group that learned breathing techniques versus other methods to break down stress, is the one that performed best. That is because breathing is at the center of the problem when anxiety hits us.

It is sent off-balanced and causes other issues. By re-establishing control of how we breathe, we also solve all the other secondary effects it has on our bodies.

3. Switch to a Well-Balanced Diet

Well balanced diet


A well-balanced diet is the one thing that will provide you with a healthy metabolism and a strong immunity system.

Everything else will help, but if you don’t eat well, then your immune system will always remain at risk of breaking down, and you will catch colds and other illnesses more easily.

What you have to aim for is a diet that will keep you from deficiencies and fight inflammation.

You need to look for food with antioxidant properties. This can be found in many fruits. Berries, for example, are a very good source and so are grapes.

Eating vegetables with all the vitamins they contain, will be very helpful to your health. Mushrooms are a good addition to your diet since they are also low in calories.

If you need to drink, why don’t you switch your water for a cup of green tea, at least once a day?

It will also bring you part of the antioxidant elements you need to boost your immune system.

4. Exercise Regularly

Do Exercise Regularly

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The second word in this subtitle is the key: Regularly. It is better to spend less time exercising but doing it (if possible) daily than to go for a 2-hour session, once a week. 

Any kind of exercise is good exercise, so do it for however long and as often as you can. But aim for regularity, by scheduling your week and inserting time for physical activity. This will help boost your immune system.

After a long day at work, sitting in front of the computer, it can be difficult to go out for a walk as our mind is tired from having to sustain focus for such a long period.

However, you will find that doing so, will not only regenerate your brain but also your body.

Making this a habit (at least once every two days), you will find greater energy to go through the evening and you will end up tired and ready to go to bed, but without keeping the stress of your day inside you.

5. Get Proper Sleep

Get Sleep

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You may have read somewhere that people who achieve a lot don’t sleep much. Though it may be true for them, it certainly isn’t for most of us. Just like your phone, you need to recharge your battery.

You know what happens if you don’t plug it, right?

It dies. So plan 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily, and your immune system will become much stronger.


If you follow all these tips, you will re-boost your immunity system in no time, which will enable you to face the stressors of your day more calmly. Solutions will also come to you more easily, for any problem you may face.

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