A happy life seems to be an oxymoronic phrase. Considering the fact that life is full of ups and downs and finding new ways for a better living; retaining happiness is quite the task. However, happiness is a vital part of a good life. What is the purpose of spending an eternity running behind wealth if your life is not worth living? Before you start jotting down your to-dos to live a happy life, it is important to know that happiness lies in the simple things that often go unnoticed. Here are 5 simple ways to stay happy in life without going overboard.

1. Surprising Your Loved One With A Personalized Gift

It is amazing how personalized gifts can bring an instant smile on the face of your loved one without having to spend too much. The lovelies in the thought that was behind customizing the gift to make it feel close to someone’s heart.

2. Get A Dog

A dog is a human’s best companion and there is no denying this fact. A furry friend can indeed take away all your worries and stress after a long and tiring day at work with a simple game of fetch. Studies show how dogs act as natural anti-depressants and fill your life with love, affection and a lot more.

3. De-clutter

Nothing feels as good as throwing away things that you have not used for the past 6 months. De-cluttering your home can be surprisingly therapeutic. Try boxing up things that seem to add clutter to open spaces and either throw them or give them away. When your home is organized and has breathing space, you will naturally feel lighter and happier to be back after a tough day at work.

4. Travel

This is not to say that you use up all your life’s savings and go on explorations of exotic places. Travel does not need to be very expensive if you can plan in advance and have a group of friends to accompany you. You and your friends could choose home stays, inexpensive destinations, and easy adventures. It is the break from the monotony of life that helps you to stay happy.

5. Stay Active

Nothing can lift your spirits as effectively as a good workout can. This is not only suggested by health experts but there is enough scientific evidence to prove that working out regularly helps to keep health problems in check and also releases the happy hormone ‘endorphin’. Endorphin is a natural mood-lifter and keeps you feeling good about yourself.

If you feel bogged down by the fact that you haven’t been eating healthy or the fact that people are judging you for being too fat or too skinny, tell yourself that you do not need that kind of negativity in life. Work towards leading a healthy life and making exercises a part of your lifestyle.

Investing in happiness probably takes very little time and effort but is bound to give you great returns for a lifetime and more!

About The Author:

Anthony Ruplin is a freelance journalist. He is passionate to write about fitness, health, and technology. During his free time, he is an avid reader and is interested in sharing his knowledge through writing. 

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