Wet Pour Surfaces

For learning institutions, the safety of the children should always be the number one priority, and this applies to both the outside and inside of the classroom. During outdoor games, children are learning new physical skills, and it’s vital to ensure that you offer a safe place for such activities.

Many institutions are now using Wetpour at softsurfaces installed on the playgrounds to prevent accidents from occurring and make sure that the children have a good time while playing on various equipment’s. Below are the benefits of using wet pour surfaces.

1. Protects Children from Injury When Playing Outside

During the early years of learning, it’s good for children to play outside and get to interact with one another. However, you need to ensure that the environment is safe for them. With wet pour surfaces, the playground in which the children are using is made in such a way that it protects children from injuries anytime they are playing outside of the classroom. The wet pour surface is soft making it safer to use in playgrounds.

Wet pour surfaces have a continuous seamless surface. The continuous seamless surface is ideal in such a way that it will protect kids who are playing or in any nursery, primary schools, golf clubs, secondary schools, community parks and care homes from trip hazards which might occur while playing.

2. Low Maintenance

Wet pour surfaces are easy to maintain. The only thing which you always have to do is to brush off debris from the surfaces. As the surfaces get old, you will need to do power washing and disinfecting the surface to prevent the kids from getting sick.

The primary maintenance which you should be worried about is pollution removal. Pollution removal can quickly be done by either applying washing detergent or by brushing the surface with a hard broom and a large amount of water. Surfaces which are located under the trees are most likely to have moss, and you need to apply moss killer.

3. Accessible to Disabled People

Another benefit of using wet pour surfaces is because they are easily accessible to disabled people. The surfaces are designed in a manner that is wheelchair friendly, and even one can ride bikes and scooters on the surfaces. Also in the event of an accident the disabled person will not suffer from severe injuries.

4. Availability of Different Colors and Graphics

One of the best features of using Wetpour at soft surfaces in your home or institution is that you can get them in various colors and graphics. You can even mix the colors to suit all your interest and preferences.

Even though the surfaces can be produced in a different range of colors, the binders are the ones which will determine the outcome. Also when choosing a surface, you should not go for light colors as they are prone to getting dirty faster. Some of the graphics which you can have incorporated on the surfaces include lion, rockets, hopscotches and simple shapes.

5. Fast Draining

Wet pour surfaces are designed in such a way that they are fast draining. This means that if you have a nursery or running any organization chances of it, flooding will be minimal. Flooding could lead to health issues for the kids, and that is why its ideal to use wet pour surfaces.

6. Durability

Investing in wet pour surfaces could be one of the greatest things you could do for your organization. You would not want to keep on going back to the shops to buy carpet surfaces for your organization or playground.

With wet pour surfaces, durability is guaranteed. You can use the wet pour surfaces for many years to come without having to worry about it getting torn or worn out. The only thing you will need to do is to regularly brush it and wash it with water to stay in good condition.


Wetpour at soft-surfaces is quite versatile. You can install them in your home, gymnasium, kindergarten, theme parks or any other place you want. With wet pour surfaces, you are guaranteed durability, safety for the children and longevity.

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