Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Months

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There is a vast difference between being healthy and fat. Staying healthy means in every manner you’re fit both physically and mentally and ready to take any kind of workload. But, if you’re overweight, it means you’ve put on some extra calories which are not good from any side. It not only saps your energy but also invites too many diseases so that your life would always be under a threat. Apart from that, in this marketing world where your appearance should be impressive, an overweighed person often fails to impress others. And just imagine who would like his or her partner with a shapeless outfit at any ceremony. Isn’t it quite amusing for onlookers? Mind it!

If you want to come out of this situation, if you hate for being pitied by others, you also want to be noticed and praised for your appearance then you have to do something. There are many ways of losing weight. You have to follow any of them in a way of worshipping God. No, don’t count it as the toughest work you’ve ever faced. It is a simple process that you need to follow with sincerity and passionately. Only then the day will come when you’ll feel proud for achieving the target. Let’s begin.

Losing weight is always a challenging job no matter how much weight you want to lose. It would be more difficult if you’re given a target to achieve within a certain time. You need not only to change your lifestyle and diet habits but also you need to change your mindset. Here, you’re asked to lose 20 pounds of your weight in 2 months.

No doubt, it is not that you need to lose them at a time and it is impossible also. However, losing a large weight at a time sometimes may be fatal for your health. Therefore, you have to set a target of losing 2 pounds every week and that might be quite affordable and it doesn’t disturb the other systems of your body.

If you’re serious about to go for that mission, here are some best ways that are quite easy for you to achieve the target.

Reduce the Intake of Calories

Commonly, it is counted that in taking 3,500 calories means gaining one pound of weight. So if you want to lose 2 pounds a week, then you have to reduce 1000 calories a day from your daily diet. It seems quite impossible for those who intake 2500 cal. a day. But if you stop taking high-calorie foods like a burger (700 cal.), ice cream (140 cal.), cold drinks (200 cal.) then you can easily cut short 1000 cal. a day and that even without keeping you in much hunger. So the beginning proves a good idea.

Change Food Habits

This is one more phase for your weight loss programme. But only stop taking junk foods is not everything that you need to follow. It means your diet will be included with a lot of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, proteins like fish and chicken breast and some healthy fats like nuts and seeds. All of them contain lower calories which help you with loss. Besides, you should take fibers, a kind of carbohydrates that help to maintain blood sugar level and keep you free from untimely hunger. Apart from all these, you also try to change your number of the meal. Just start taking 3 meals of 400 cal. Each and then 2 snacks of 150cal. each in between of them. This balancing process will certainly help you to achieve your goal.

Settle for Daily Menu

As I said earlier, a diet of 1500 cal. a day is essential for losing weight. But it is not easy for a common man to know which foods need to be taken for keeping the whole process on. Therefore, you should have a clear idea of which kind of foods should be taken during your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In my opinion, you may take 2 egg omelet stuffed with 1 oz. low-fat cheese, a slice of wheat bread, a ½ cup of cooked spinach. Then at the lunch, a plate of mixed green topped the grilled chicken with ½ cups of black beans, ¼ of an avocado is enough. For the dinner, you may take 4 oz. of salmon with a cup of wild rice and a cup of steamed Brussels sprouts would be enough for you. And for each snack 1 oz. of almond and a large apple may cover your calorie needs. If still, you need to add some flavor and taste in your daily menu and that also without adding any calorie, then you can sprinkle some herbs and spices on your dishes.

Daily Workout Programme

The restricted diet is not the only way for weight loss. Along with that, you also need to introduce some daily workout programme in your daily routine. Because without following the workout regime there is a chance of gaining back your lost weight. So, apart from the restricted diet, you need to burn calories by stimulating your metabolism. A 2-3 kilometers brisk walk, cycling, swimming, and some free-hand exercises are sufficient for you to achieve your target.

Sleeping Hours

This is one of the main reasons for obesity. Though you’re following the diet schedule and work-out regime, still you have room for considering your sleeping time. Try to sleep at least 7 hours per night which may increase the chances of weight loss significantly.

Taking Advice from Medical Expert

What I have told so far is for those who don’t have any major health issues. If anyone of you has some chest problems or any cardiac problems otherwise someone who suffers from diabetes or renal problem must take advice from their family physicians before adopting any kind of weight loss programme. Because they need some kind of precaution before starting any such schedule.

So, at the end of the discussion, it is apparently seen that if you serious enough to lose your weight by 20 pounds within 2 months all these are the simplest ways to follow by anyone anytime.

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