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Our face is the most elegant & important part of our body that needs some extra care. Whether you are a working woman or a student, every day when we get outdoors, our face gets confronted with pollution, dirt & all those sources with grime that can affect our skin texture, cause dullness, redness, acne problems and premature aging. And let’s face it that our morning skin care routine doesn’t go according to the plan as we literally run to chase the time!

According to the experts, our skin doesn’t go to sleep directly when our body flop into the bed. Therefore before going to bed, add these simple night time rituals to healthier, youthful skin that you will love waking up to!

1. No Makeup Face Is a Must!

Sleeping with your makeup is the worst thing you can do to your face! Our skin repairs itself during the night and makeup clogs your pores and does not let your skin breathe.

To remove the makeup, use your cleanser and massage it into your face, you can also use coconut oil as a natural cleanser. Afterwards, wipe it with the cotton ball. Remember that rubbing your eyes can encourage premature wrinkles around your eyes, therefore clean your liner and mascara with cotton balls only! Wash your face with your favorite face wash to completely remove and clean the entire makeup.

2. Tone it All

Toners are the necessity for those who have oily or acne-prone skin! Also if you want some more cleaning and care after wearing heavy makeup products this is the most important part.

Toner is basically applied after the cleansing process because it tends to shrink our pores that slow down your aging process. Applying toner can help you restore your skin PH levels as well!

3. Almond Around the Eyes

Our moms have been using this for years! Some beauty experts say that this a golden remedy.Almond oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, so it helps to reduce puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles. Along with the goodness of Vitamin K and antioxidants, it improves clotting, reduces discoloration under the eyes. So before going to bed take few drops of it and massage gently around the eyes for some time. Leave it overnight. You will meet a fresh face in the mirror the next morning!

4. Overnight Face Masks

Why do they say that you need your beauty sleep? Overnight face masks can work wonder.Your skin might be dry and tired after a busy day at work.

Heal your skin texture with overnight face masks and you will see the difference next day.

Here are some pro tips to have a look at the ways of using it:

  • Wash your face before applying the mask. Washing your face will open up the pores so that it can pierce deep inside.
  • Avoid gentle areas like around the eyes.
  • Massage it gently on your entire face and neck to make it get absorbed into your skin properly.
  • Apply the mask at least half an hour before your bedtime.

If you are in short of face masks then here is a quick all natural DIY overnight face mask remedy:

5. Lemon & Milk Face Mask (For Dry to Normal Skin)

  • Mix 1 Teaspoon of milk or milk cream with the ½ teaspoon of lemon juice.Apply this mixture on your face for overnight and wash it with warm water the next morning. It will deeply moisturize your skin and at the same time goodness of lemon will lighten and tone your texture!

6. Tea is the Key

Skin experts always put more weight on your intake before the bed as it can impact your skin.  Having a cup of tea at night can benefit your digestion which can directly affect your skin. Prepare some hot tea for you of your choice! Green tea, lemon tea also a mint tea can be a good option. As they boost our digestion system. So that your body won’t face any bloating or constipation problems.

“Having a clear stomach is key to a clear skin”. I hope this quote says it all!

Wrapping up!

So these are the most expert night time rituals that can mark a major difference in your skin if followed and applied every day properly!  Ladies! Try these amazing beauty rituals and make your skin looking healthy and youthful like never before.

About The Author:

The author is Chandni Desai a freelance content writer and a digital marketing executive with some extra love in beauty! 

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