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Chances are, you’ve heard about CBD from a coworker, friend, or relative. It’s hard to escape those three letters these days, and for good reason too. 

But now- because of the proven anti-inflammatory wizardry- experts are discovering that taking CBD may be a really great way to reduce post-workout soreness and shorten the overall recovery time of a good sweat sesh.

If you’re trying to increase your stamina and decrease your pain, you may have just found your golden ticket…

Thanks to CBD-infused protein shakes, CBD bath soaks, and CBD creams, this compound is inching its way onto yoga mats and football fields alike, and it’s completely changing the way that athletes, yogis, and gym-goers approach muscle soreness.

Today, we’re talking about CBD and post-workout muscle soreness, so if you’re a big workout fanatic- or just an occasional yogi who isn’t a huge fan of the related soreness- you may want to keep scrolling.

CBD Working Out

First of All: Why is Your Body Sore After Working Out? 

You’re probably familiar with the term, “no pain, no gain”- right?

No doubt. That one typically jumps to mind when I think about training for a 10k or getting on my yoga mat for the first time in months- and the pain associated with it. 

No matter how frequently or intensely you workout (or how *fit* you are) sometimes a good workout just knocks you on your butt. We’ve all been there, the struggle is real.

If you have ever left the gym feeling like your limbs are literally about to fall off: welcome to the club. But why is it that you get SO SORE after a good workout? 

According to LiveScience, this (common) soreness happens when you work your muscles harder than they’re used to- or in different ways- and they experience tiny, microscopic, tears. 

This amazing process is what makes your muscles, when repaired, grow back stronger and healthier than before.

While this pain may be uncomfortable, it’s actually a good sign that your muscles are becoming stronger and more resistant to damage.

But even though this is a normal part of working out for many people, the associated pain provides a hurdle that some just aren’t willing to jump over. 

Enter CBD… 

Body Sore

How Can CBD Help with Muscle Pain?

While the anecdotal evidence is intriguing, for sure, we’re still very much in the early phases of discovery.

Scientists are curious and doctors are hopeful. But even though there is still so much that we have yet to learn about this plant, drives of athletes and workout-enthusiasts are opting for CBD as a natural way of treating pain and inflammation post-workout. 

Why? Great question…

In recent studies, CBD has been shown to suppress the inflammatory response associated with working out, along with the neuropathic pain in people who frequently exercise.

Studies also show that consistently taking CBD can help improve your sleep habits– which is a super important factor in muscle recovery.

Ever heard of “oxidative stress”?

CBD can also help with muscle soreness by decreasing oxidative stress in the body. This refers to the “disturbance” between the production of free radicals and antioxidant defenses in the body, resulting in inflammation- which (hehe) CBD is proven to soothe. 

Using CBD for Post-Workout Pain

Post-Workout Pain

Pilates, yoga, CrossFit, HIIT, or long cardio routines can take a toll on your body and leave you with a little residual muscle pain.

While it’s not the end of the world, if someone told you there was a way to mitigate it, you’d be interested…right?

Here are a few ways you can use CBD for the best post-workout experience possible. You can thank us later.  

Soak in a CBD Bath 

Keep your body ready and willing to go the extra mile for you by taking a warm BATH post-sweat sesh. Yep, you read that right. A nice warm bath.

For a full-body post-workout muscle soak, drop a CBD bath bomb into warm running water and experience your soreness literally melt away.

The heat (mixed with the CBD) will help increase blood flow, stimulate muscle healing, and relax your muscles all at the. same. zen. time. 

Use CBD Cream for Muscle Soreness 

What makes topical salve so amazing for muscle-recovery is that it combines CBD with other anti-inflammatory ingredients, like menthol and avocado oil.

Post-workout, massage your CBD cream wherever you feel soreness setting in. This makes it easy to use and works especially well to relieve sore joints and muscles. 

For an added bonus, you’ll strut out of the gym smelling pretty great, too. (How often can you say that?)

CBD Oil for Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

While CBD creams and lotions can be applied directly to your skin, it can take longer for the effects to kick in. If you’re looking for faster, more all-encompassing relief, CBD oil might be a better option.

Oils and tinctures provide slightly faster effects because, when you drop the oil under your tongue, it bypasses your digestive system and gets straight to work. This method is referred to as the sublingual method and is by far the most popular way of consuming CBD. 

This is also an especially effective way of treating pain post-workout. Start with a small dosage, about 5-10mg per day, and increase it gradually by 5-10mg until you notice the effects. 

Kick Leg-Day-Dread to the Corner with CBD

Join the ranks of athletes and workout newbies alike who are becoming obsessed with taking CBD post-workout, and see for yourself why it’s catching on so fast.

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