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Taking supplements of vitamins and minerals has been a common practice in modern times, ever since scientists wrapped their brains around the basics of nutrition.

To prevent a deficit in micronutrients that we might not get entirely from our daily intake of food and drink, we are lucky to have a magnificent array of dietary supplements to choose from and have virtually eliminated most diseases that are caused by a lack of basic nutrients in the modern world – such as goiters, beriberi, night blindness, scurvy, and rickets. 

The humble multivitamin is a triumph of modern medicine, but it just can’t do some of the amazing things that Fatty15 can do for both mind and body.

Let us examine how essential fatty acids can help provide the armor that your cells need to battle through day to day life:

Fatty Acids For Better Overall Health

Much ado has been made over various micronutrients over the year, such as vitamin C and vitamin D. Frequently neglected in their importance are fatty acids.

They are incredibly important in metabolism and homeostasis, and as we continue to study how our bodies use some of these lesser-known compounds, we find that they combat disease in exciting ways, among other interesting functions in the cells and tissues.

The First New Fatty Acid Discovered is C15:0 (aka FA15™)

In 2018, a joint project by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Huazhong Agricultural University in China produced amazing findings.

They had discovered the first essential fatty acid to be discovered in 90+ years. Isolated from the Chinese violet cress, a flowering plant native to central China, C15:0 is being studied and divulging its secrets day by day to scientists.

Supercharge Your Mind And Body

The essential fatty acids we get from nature are amazingly good at supporting cellular health and brain function.

We can thank fatty acids for a boost in our immune system, in cardiac health, in aiding metabolic processes that help our body’s cells restore themselves properly from day to day, in healthy liver function, and in the replacement of red blood cells – which is essential for delivering oxygenated blood to the cells and is the human body’s most basic function required for survival.

As we age and become sluggish both physically and in our ability to use our cognitive functions, essential fatty acids have been shown to support healthy functions for all of these processes.

Dietary fatty acids, including C15:0, and all of the essential fatty acids that are included in Fatty15, do the very important job of strengthening the cell membranes of the human body.

The membranes of our basic building blocks are made 80% stronger and more stable by an abundance of the fatty acids that have been extracted from the Chinese violet cress in our dietary nutrients.

Essentially, this strengthened membrane is like “armor” for our cells and may protect us from damage caused by free-radicals, carcinogens or cancer cells, or other foreign invaders that are potentially disease-causing.

Studies of C15:0 indicate that this “sturdy fatty acid” keeps our cells healthy and protected from premature cellular breakdown.

Why Take a Supplement To Get Fatty Acids?

The human body doesn’t make its own fatty acids. Any fatty acids that come into the body to work their magic on brain health, cellular health, and help in creating and maintaining healthy blood cells (among all of the other things they do for us), must be consumed by us in our diet.

Since we do not consume the plant that C15:0 is extracted from in plant form, the only way we can currently take advantage of its wonderful uses is to take it as a supplement to our diets.

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Stacey Smith is a freelance health writer. She is passionate to write about women’s health, dental health, diabetes, endocrinology, and nutrition and provides in-depth features on the latest in health news for medical clinics and health magazines.

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