Patients Fighting Cancer

Almost every person understands that beyond conventional treatments, cancer has no answer.

CBD international was conceived to break that notion. The motto of our organization is to help the patients who believe that there should be something more than the final words of the health care providers.

We offer high-quality cannabis/THC oils for patients who are suffering from cancer. We are committed to making the lives of cancer patients better and offer them a standard quality of life where they can manage the pain effectively and carry on with their lives. If you want to know how we help their patients read on.

Managing Acute and Chronic Pain

Pain is something that every person feels at some point in their lives. However, the pain can vary from one cancer patient to the next. It is the patient who is the best judge of the level of pain he/ she is suffering from.

The level of pain changes depending on the ailment of the person as well. The pain that the person feels can be fleeting or severe.

Along with alleviating the pain caused by cancer, cannabis oil, CBD oil, and the THC oil of CBD International can help the patients suffering from severe pain due to different ailments.

Proper usage of these oils can reduce the pain of the patients and help them to live a normal life.

Patients With Early Stage of Cancer

Most of the time cancer therapy involves choosing the right operation or finding out the right chemotherapy treatment.

However, the operators of CBD International believe that the cancer treatment of the patients should be far more inclusive. Related.

Cancer creates a holistic problem for the patients and it should be addressed holistically. Of course, the health professionals should give importance to the malignant tumor of the patient, but that should not be everything.

Yet, most of the traditional therapies have not changed their way of treating cancer patients. Unlike these traditional cancer treatments of the healthcare professionals, we concentrate on the patient as a whole.

We make sure that along with their physical health, the mental, financial, spiritual, and social health also stays intact. To make that possible, we integrate different natural healing modalities into your treatment plan.

We take care of the cost of the treatment as well. The treatments of CBD International start at just $5 per day. From there, you can find the therapies that anyone can afford.

Professionals of Intermediate Stage of Cancer

Most of the patients receiving conventional treatments under cancer therapies suffer from different types of serious side effects that reduce their quality of life severely.

Most of the medicines that the physicians offer cannot reduce the acute pain and suffering of the patients.

The operators of CBD International, however, believe that non-traditional therapies can improve the condition of life of cancer patients.

Not only us, but several studies have also supported the fact that the cannabis oil, CBD oil, THC oil can reduce the pain and other side effects of chemotherapy without interfering with the conventional treatment at all.

Sometimes, cancer becomes resistant to the conventional chemotherapies which leave the health professionals with only a handful of other options.

Also, there are some rare types of cancer that only have a handful of proven treatment options with low rates of success. In both of these cases, the products of We can elicit significant results.

We have some preliminary evidence that shows that alternative therapy, such as using cannabis oil, can improve the effects of conventional therapies like radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

CBD International inspects the path of the treatment of the patients carefully and only then recommends a treatment that the patient can combine with the traditional treatments.

Advanced Stage of Cancer

We offer cancer treatments that have varying levels of evidence that supports their efficacy.

We concentrate on the gentle treatment approach and make sure that the therapies target cancer without damaging your immune system.

Many of our therapies can treat cancer while improving the quality of life of the patients.

Even though the therapies have gained immense positive response from the patients, the organization does not recommend replacing the conventional therapies with the alternative ones.

However, the therapies of CBD International and improve the quality of the life of the patients who are undergoing conventional treatments.

Along with that, we offer cancer treatments to the patients who refuse the conventional remedies due to the significant risks.

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