Muay Thai For Fitness

There are few activities better than Muay Thai like; Eating, Resting, and Muay Thai itself. 

Good fitness is crucial for your health, and apart from proper nutrition and rest, fitness takes precedence. To improve our health, we must engage in activities that stretch our bodies like; jogging, running, skipping, and so on.

Amazingly, there is a sport that subsumes all these activities: Muay Thai.

The current Muay Thai sport is a modern form of the ancient combat style among warriors in Thailand; it was to injure/immobilize opponents (and it was efficient).

It involves the movements of all limbs in your body (plus the joints between them) in skills that include the fighter to striking, counter-striking, or blocking.

Remarkably, a sport originating from Thailand is becoming a dominant sport in most countries around the world, which is a testament to the many peculiar benefits of learning Muay Thai.

Health Benefits of Practicing Muay Thai 

Almost all sporting activities are beneficial to your health, but there is nothing quite as spectacular as Muay Thai. A Thai fighter describes it this way “it has this electric feel around it…it makes me confident of my body”.

  • Lose weight with Muay Thai 

Being overweight is not something you will ‘see’ a Muay Thai camp; you will see beautifully built bodies akin to something just out from a 3D printer.

There are lots of activities in Muay Thai that will help your body to burn excess fats, and for the fats, you’ll develop more muscles. Expelling excess fats in the body reduces the workload on your heart and helps to improve your body’s metabolism.

  • Muay Thai expels your Anxieties

Psychologically, when you worry about a thing for long, you rid yourself of happiness. Anxieties trigger negative messages in the brain, which is detrimental to your mental health, and your mental health says a lot about your overall well-being because it affects the attitude we put towards things.

A good session in a Muay Thai camp will help to improve your mental health by producing the ‘happy’ hormones from the brain.

  • It improves your Cardio-vascular strength 

You should care a lot for our heart because it is a vital organ in your body; a disease to the heart is a disease to every part of our body.

Aerobic training like; jogging, running, and the rest increases the supply of oxygen to our body and improves body metabolisms.

Anaerobic activities like punching bags, skipping helps to build the muscles of the heart. With all these activities, your heart will continue to operate optimally.

  • It improves your body coordination

The moves in Muay Thai are sleek, swift, and precise. To be deft with these skills, you’ll need to command great control over your body (body synch).

Consistently practicing these skills will make your body communicate better in movement coordination, reflexes, brain to limb coordination, and so on.

Good body coordination prevents you from developing nervous/locomotion problems like Parkinson’s’ during ageing.

  • Muay Thai helps the development of stronger bones

With your bones constantly clashing with other objects like sandbags, or the bones of other fighters, it starts to get tougher.

The body can constantly inure itself to the difficult tasks you subject it( lifting heavy objects, stretching to difficult positions, and so on).

Stronger bones help in good body coordination, balance, and prevent other bone-related conditions like osteoporosis.

  • It helps you to expel toxic wastes from the body

Sweating is an efficient way of expelling toxic waste from the body. Muay Thai pieces of training in camp will help to remove toxins from your body through perspirations from the rigorous activities. Toxins build up in the body is dangerous to your health and can lead to damaging of organs in the body.

  • Muay Thai improves your body psychology

Your body psychology is crucial to your health, and a low body psyche means ill-health. Muay Thai improves your confidence levels and ‘sparks up’ your morale, confidence from training for something bigger, and making your body feel useful.

When you feel confident, your psyche will improve, and you’ll feel you are doing something great with your body.

Muay Thai in Thailand 

Muay Thai is the most popular combat sport in Thailand, and everyone engages in the sport. Thai people engage in mostly Muay Thai for fitness, stress relief, weight loss, and others.

  • Training camps in Thailand 

Unsurprisingly, Thailand has the biggest practice for Muay Thai worldwide, with camps numbering in their hundreds (if not thousand) all around their beautiful cities and scenic countryside.

Muay Thai camps in Thailand such as are situated close to the beach; this creates a therapeutic effect on the trainees.

There are lots of Muay Thai camps in beautiful islands in Muay Thai that are more passionate in their teachings, and conservative of the sport, afraid to corrupt the sports culture.

  • A sport for all In Thailand 

Muay Thai does not discriminate against genders, skill levels, or nationality, and you’ll find different groups and sects like Africans, Europeans, Japanese, and so on, practicing in the various camps in Thailand.

  • Muay Thai and Thai culture  

The sport in Thailand is all about respect, sportsmanship, culture, and history. Every year, Thailand hosts the grandest Muay Thai festivals in the world that attracts throngs of people from over the world.

Thailand also has a rich heritage and culture present in Muay Thai that gives people a sense of connection with ancient practices.

Furthermore, Thai people are very hospitable and are kind to visitors (sort of a big thing in their culture).

Wrapping Up 

Muay Thai is a fun sport to practice, and you will gain a lot of engaging in this sport. Apart from the health benefits, you will also make lots of friends and ‘enemies’ in camp training/fights. The sport will help you to learn a lot of useful tactics which also have real-life applications.

Muay Thai will amazingly improve your physical, mental, and psychological health within a short period, plus it is a mind-blowing sport.

You have to try it.

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Stacey Smith is a freelance health writer. She is passionate to write about women’s health, dental health, diabetes, endocrinology, and nutrition and provides in-depth features on the latest in health news for medical clinics and health magazines.

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