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A lot of our perceptions are defined by what we see in movies or magazines. Kids wearing glasses are usually portrayed as the nerdy, ‘uncool’ kids and the same goes for real life. It’s easy to immediately stereotype a child or adult in glasses as being a certain way. Many times this has an impact on their self-esteem and the way they perceive themselves. Our physical appearance and the perception of how we look play a huge part in how confident we are, the way we interact in a social setting and how we carry ourselves.

With contact lenses and the ease of wearing, it has literally changed the way a person with glasses looks when they switch to lenses. Lenses like Lens Me lenses which offer medical and colored contact lens make buying them much easier.

Effects of Glasses on children:

Numerous studies have been done on the correlation between the effects of glasses and a person’s self-perception. A study done on a group of children over a period of time found that the children who wore contact lenses scored higher in areas of self-confidence, social acceptance, and athletic performance when compared to the group of children who wore glasses. Especially in girls, it showed higher levels of self-esteem. As lenses fit the eyes rather than rest on the bridge of the nose, contact lenses are better for vision correction. This could be the reason that children feel more confident both in studies and in athletics. Switching to contact lenses might be the push a child needs to try out different athletic activities which he could have shied away from earlier because of glasses. While a child’s self-confidence is an important factor, parents must also consider the child’s maturity level and their daily hygiene habits.

A lot of published studies have shown the association of glasses with negative attributes in a person’s self-perception and attractiveness. It would seem that contact lenses give a person who has been wearing glasses all their lives a confidence boost. This could be because people perceive themselves to be more attractive without glasses and are more outgoing and less reserved because of this.

Attractive of Contact Lens:

Though the technology in glasses has come a long way and certain kinds of glasses have become something of a fashion statement now, somehow wearing glasses every day for vision correction is something that seems to make a person feel less attractive.

How Contact lens makes a Fashionable statement?

Especially in teenagers who are so particular about the way they look and have a strong need to be accepted by their peers, wearing contact lenses instead of glasses can be the boost of confidence they need. For those fashion conscious teenagers who keep their looks up to date with the current trends, changing up the color of their eyes with lenses like Bella Contacts are great fashion accessories to add that glamour quotient which goes on every outfit for what you wear and make a fashionable statement. Using contacts, like acuvue moists, can also improve a person’s athletic performance and social skills and thus increasing their confidence. Glasses could also get in the way of the social cues we convey with our eyes, which are an important part of our social interaction.

How does the contact lens look at age and gender?

Even as adults we don’t mind being in our glasses when we’re at home or office, but when going for a night out with friends we prefer to wear contact lenses as it is aesthetically more pleasing to us and it changes the way we look. Even between people of the opposite sex, studies show that people without glasses appear more attractive to members of the opposite sex.


Whatever the reason or if it is a notion that is buried deep inside us, studies suggest that glasses have some negative attributes associated with them and contact lenses change that to positive confidence-boosting. Most of the people cannot swim by wearing glasses if they having sight. According to the survey, people are happy by wearing a contact lens when they are swimming. It won’t harm anything to their eyes. If you are the beginner to contact lens it may hurt you, but after some days you will get habituated and you will be fashionable by wearing a colored contact lens.

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