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Herniated discs and strained muscles usually take their own time to heal. It takes a considerable amount of time to treat back pain. In all fairness, backache can get worse if your posture isn’t right. Smartphone and laptop users face this issue quite frequently.

According to a report published by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, around 80% of people suffer from lower back problems at some point or the other in their lifetime. Now, that’s a staggering number, isn’t it?

Keeping your back healthy and happy is a job easier said than done. No matter how hard you try, more often than not, you’ll find yourself sitting in an inappropriate posture. You can call it a force of habit.

Here are a few handy tips to help maintain a healthy spine:

1. Your spine should remain in a resting position while you sleep

Whenever you lie down, all of the spine’s structures get an opportunity to rest. It is important for you to lay down flat on the couch without twisting your back vigorously. Also, loosen up your body when you lie down. Stiffening up doesn’t allow the spline and the muscles to relax. Different types of mattresses are available. You need to choose the mattress wisely.

Buying a mattress, pillow happens to be a matter of personal choice. The mattress you choose should provide your back and neck with ample support while you sleep.

2. There’s nothing as beneficial as exercising

In order to keep the spine healthy, your abdominal and lower-back muscles need to be in good shape. Quite unfortunately, we do not use our core muscles while undertaking our day-to-day activities. You can undertake a set of specific exercises if you wish to improve your muscle health. You can do the following exercises to strengthen your lower-back muscles.

  1. Bridges
  2. Draw-in maneuvers
  3. Rotational stretches (lower back)
  4. Knee-to-chest stretches
  5. Pelvic tilts

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3. Buy shoes that provide your spine with ample support

It doesn’t matter whether your walking, standing, or running, the shoes you are wearing need to support your lower back. A good pair of shoes happens to be the one that comes with a supportive base. This base would help you keep the body and spine in alignment.

Ensure that the area supporting the back of the heel is sufficiently snug. It shouldn’t be excessively tight though. A perfect fit avoids supination and/or pronation.

4. Massage can be of immense help

Massage isn’t just helpful in getting rid of stress but also helps you in enhancing your spine and lower-back health. A hearty massage helps you increase the number of endorphins in the body. Endorphins act as the body’s natural painkillers and are found in the bloodstream.  You can opt for different types and kinds of massages according to your needs and requirements.

Here are a few popular massage techniques:

  1. Swedish Massage Therapy
  2. Aromatherapy Massage
  3. Hot Stone Massage
  4. Deep Tissue Massage
  5. Shiatsu Massage
  6. Thai Massage

Back pain is quite common in Maple Valley. Getting a massage won’t be enough. You would also require Chiropractic help. One can find much chiropractic in Maple Valley

Maple Valley Chiropractic services will help you immensely in improving your spine and lower back health.

These were some of the tried and tested ways of keeping your spine in good shape. Remember, a healthy spine will help you stay up and running in the long run. Nobody likes lying in bed owing to backaches. Those who have experienced severe backaches would know the discomfort such pains bring along.

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