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Athleisure is the new trend and has a vast application everywhere you can think of carrying an outfit.

From a fine Sunday brunch to an elegant date night, you have the liberty and variety to wear your sportswear and activewear according to your mood.

The new cool activewear has a special spot on our wardrobes, but did you ever think the what created the need for special clothes for sports and exercise?

Unlike any other formal wear or special outfit for professionals, sportswear was designed with more attention to the physical impact of sports and fitness activities on the body. Look at the specific fabric, patterns, designs, and different sections through sportswear stores.

Every exercise or sport has its own unique impact on our body functioning, muscle breaking down and building up, recovery, and so many other processes, on different parts of the body.

Like squats work on your thigh and glutes muscles, but requires support from your back muscles as well, thus while performing heavy muscles one needs to tighten and secure their waist while keeping thighs free to pump up.

If you have ever noticed, athletes performing squats prefer stretchable shorts and keep the major part of the thigh open.

The latex workout shorts are designed for an application that supports the muscles after a workout with the flexible, comforting, and sweat-wicking fabric, while the length is made short to implement the freedom of muscles while workout.

In an exactly similar manner, every gear and fitness gym wear is designed.

We got an answer to if sportswear is designed especially for a purpose, but do they affect our performance, and how?

Well, the one definite answer to this “if?”  is yes, but to “how?” there are numerous to “how?”, and here are they.

1. Safety 

Sports Gear

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Sports and exercise require a lot of attention towards the safety of our body internally as well as externally.

With different supplements and glucose fill-ins, athletes make sure to stay hydrated and complete nutritional needs, similarly, how clothes of different exercises and sports complete the need of external support to muscle and outer layer security.

For eg. breast tissues are extremely sensitive and can tear due to regular movement of the body, this can cause sagging and pain in the breasts. Sports bras support breast tissues, lessens the movement and jerks, and prevent any such injury.

Now since one has the security from possible injuries, even confidence boosts up to perform better, also the rest of the gaps due to injury and the incapability that it may create are ruled out, eventually improving performance and providing better results.

2. Comfort

Easy Sportswear

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Every costume ever made was to extend comfort for the activity. Sportswear for every game is designed to provide you comfort while performing it.

The fabric used to make these have a common sweat-wicking feature for every sport that keeps you dry and your skin breathing with all the heavy sweating and constant physical activity.

The type of sport or workout decides the length and design of the outfit, noting the freedom you require to move around and perform it with utmost ease.

Any task ever performed with a physical bound can never be attained with its full potential. Perfectly fit and comfortable sportswear can help you achieve better with your full capacity while supporting you.

3. Psychological effects

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 Performing any activity requires preparations on many different levels, mentally, with knowledge, mental health, confidence, acceptance of situation and more, physically with physical fitness, safety measures, and more.

The factor of physical and mental preparedness both depends on wearing the right jersey. We have learned about physical factors, how could it affect us mentally?

Before getting into any workout routine or even sports event, we take care of our safety measures, just not to stay safe, but to feel safe as well.

When you know you have your helmet on and you won’t hit your face with the ball, you face it with full confidence, improving your performance.

The confidence boost of being safe and ready is as essential as any other factor while being in a workout session or in-ground to get the best results out of yourself.

Hope you now have the answers to how sportswear and activewear impact our performance?

Or why there are so many types and so many different sections in sportswear stores?

The little factors that we may have ignored have so much impact that affected our body functioning and performance, but we never cared less.

Well, now we know what is required to be taken care of along with style. Major things that you should note in sportswear are size, fabric, and fit, the cool factor will remain the same and unchanged as activewear have it with them.

Wish you a safe and effective workout or sports routine!

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