If you are on the ketogenic diet, you might not have even realized that fast food was an option. By no means is this something you should do regularly, but when you are in a bind, it’s definitely an option. This article gives some tips on how to maintain ketosis while grabbing a bite to eat at a fast food restaurant. Very helpful for those with busy lives or like to travel a lot. (See also: What Is the Keto Diet?)

Throw out the bun!

You know those burgers at famous fast food restaurants? All you have to do is throw the bun away and now you have a great keto meal. Bunless burgers are an awesome option for keto dieters. Loaded with fat and basically no carbs.

McDonald’s french-fries

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Burgers aren’t the only item where you can throw away the bun and have an awesome option. You can also toss the biscuit, muffin, etc. For example, the sausage biscuit at McDonald’s. Just toss away the bread and you are now very low carb. You just cannot eat the delicious fries.

Explore the entire menu

There are many times that you can order side dishes from the menu that work very well for low carb. For instance, at McDonald’s, you can order a side of eggs with a couple sides of sausage. For just over $3 you have a very keto friendly breakfast and you don’t even have to discard the unnecessary bread.

Check out the salads, but be careful!

Before getting on a low carb diet, I barely paid any attention to the salads on the menus at fast food restaurants. This was probably for good reason as the salads are not the best. That said, if you are stuck without anything to eat, you can grab a salad at a fast food restaurant and it will get you through to your next meal.

You may have noticed how I said to be careful. That is because there are many hidden carbs in salads. Some of them are not so hidden, in the form of croutons, while some of these fast food chains load up their dressings with sugar and carbs. Be sure to check everything out. Read the labels, check online and make sure you aren’t eating a salad with 50 carbs, because believe me, that can easily happen.

Download the app!

Most fast food chains have mobile apps. They make the ordering process easier. More importantly, they make ordering keto-friendly fast food much easier. I’d much rather just put no bun in on the app then ask for no bun and get strange looks.

mobile apps

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Another great thing about the apps is they have a very comprehensive view of the menu. When you have as much time as you want to look at the app you can uncover some real gems on the menu. Many of them also have nutritional information, which is obviously very helpful when you are adhering to dietary restrictions.

On top of that, you can always find some great savings in the app. There are many different promotions and special deals that are only available to the customers who use the mobile app. So make sure you explore the app at any fast food you go to.

Don’t rule out Taco Bell!

When most people think of Taco Bell, they think of carbs. That’s for good reason. Most of their best stuff is loaded with carbs. Whether you are a fan of tacos, burritos, chalupas or anything, those are all loaded with carbohydrates. Those who completely pass on Taco Bell are missing out on a few great Taco Bell keto options.

There is something at Taco Bell called the Taco Bell Power Menu Bowl. You can get these with steak, chicken, beef, whatever you want. You can have all the toppings that go on the tacos. It is just without the shell. So you can have guacamole, cheese, sour cream, everything but the ingredients loaded with carbs.

One important step in the process is making sure to clarify no rice and no beans. You can get double meat and add guacamole and it’s still a somewhat affordable option.

Yes, keto fast food can happen!

The next time you are out on the road and starving you can confidently pull into a fast food drive-thru and grab yourself a great keto option.

Just to be sure you have the resources you need to succeed here is a guide to eating keto-friendly fast food.

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