Most people assume that only women get stretch marks. That is not true. Men can and do develop stretch marks. There are several factors that contribute to this in males. It is important to recognize this and understand why it happens. Continue reading this article to understand how to get rid of stretch marks for men.

To understand why stretch marks develop, it is important to understand how they develop.

Stretch marks can develop anywhere there is skin. For men, stretch marks tend to develop in areas where there has been weight gain or muscle development.

This can happen when males gain weight such as during puberty. It can also happen when males start working out and add muscle. The effect on the skin is the same.

Stretch Marks

Rapid Weight Gain or Weight Loss

For some men, periods of rapid weight gain or loss contribute to the development of stretch marks. This weight gain or loss can be due to several reasons. Diet is certainly a factor.

It is crucial to eat a healthy and balanced diet as you age. This will help keep your weight in check.

Keeping your weight stable at a healthy number is an important step you can take towards minimizing your chance of developing stretch marks. Keeping your weight healthy and avoiding rapid weight gain and loss when possible helps your skin to stay healthy as stretch marks develop when there are tiny tears in the layers of your skin.

Development of Muscle

It is also possible for men to develop stretch marks when they start adding muscle. Most workouts that are designed to add muscle are frequent and intense. This causes stress on the skin.

When men are building muscle, they have areas of skin that are stretching at a fast rate due to muscle development. Their skin is not able to grow as quickly, resulting in tiny tears that become stretch marks. (See also: How To Build Muscle Fast | Using Scientifically Proven Principles)


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Steps To Take

If you have developed stretch marks there are some steps you can take to help minimize their appearance.

1. Keep your diet nutritious

Eating a nutritious diet is essential for good health. Keep in mind that your skin is the biggest organ in your body. A diet that is nutrient dense will help make sure our body is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals.

This is crucial for optimal skin health and a key way to how to get rid of stretch marks for men.

2. Slow and Steady at the Gym

It may be tempting to go hard and fast at the gym in the hopes of getting results that much quicker. This approach is very stressful for your skin. If you can go at a slower pace and intensity and still reach the same results, it will help your skin.

The slow and steady approach gives your skin the chance to keep pace with expanding muscles.

Conclusion on How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks for Men

It is very important for men to remember their skin health. Skin needs collagen protein to maintain its elasticity. This helps fight stretch marks.

An easy and effective way to make sure you are getting enough collagen is to add NutriXen Collagen to your daily diet. NutriXen Collagen is a simple but effective addition to your sports drinks, coffee or water. It can be added to anything you eat and drink and the benefits to your health will be measured by healthy skin.

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