Root Canal

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Your dentist scheduled you for a root canal procedure next month. He explained that such a procedure could be very beneficial in your case. For one, a root canal procedure can improve your dental health and can prevent any discomfort in the future. He even pointed out that although a root canal procedure can be painful and expensive, it’s an excellent investment.

Because of the things your dentist pointed out, you’re convinced of the procedure. You believe that your dentist will never recommend anything that isn’t helpful for you. And while you’re sold to the idea of a root canal procedure, you still don’t have any idea on how this works. If you’re still clueless about what a root canal is, let this article help you.

What Is A Root Canal By The Way?

A root canal is a straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth. Patients are usually recommended to have a root canal procedure when they have infection or inflammation in the roots of the tooth. The procedure can prevent the infection or inflammation from affecting the entire tooth. A root canal treatment is done by an endodontist. The process starts by removing the pulp inside the tooth, disinfect and shape the root canal and place a filling to seal the space. This procedure takes minutes and once done successfully, patients don’t need to make drastic changes in their day-to-day functions.

root canal treatment

How Can You Get Through Your Root Canal Treatment?

If this is your first time to get a root canal treatment (and even know that such procedure does exist), you might be nervous before and during the procedure, but you shouldn’t be. Professionals like Cherrydale Dentistry will ensure that they get the job done with efficiency. Aside from choosing the dental care providers, you can also try these tips so you can get through your root canal treatment:

  1. Get plenty of rest: Similar to other dental procedures, you should be well-rested days before your schedule. You should sleep well nights before your appointment. This can lead to a more relaxed, calm and successful root canal procedure. On the other hand, if you let your nerves get in the way, you’ll end up feeling anxious and irritable during the procedure.
  2. Don’t forget to relax: Some people fear root canal procedures thinking that this is a very painful procedure. But with the advancement of technology in dentistry, pain is the last thing you should worry about. The procedure itself is designed to reduce the pain that you’re already feeling, not make it worse. So when your dentist calls your name to start the procedure, relax and sit back.
  3. Take an over the counter pain reliever: After the procedure, your dentist will prescribe you with an over the counter pain reliever, so make sure that you follow orders. These will help ease the soreness and discomfort once the anesthesia wears off. And you don’t have to worry about people telling you how painful a root canal can be – once you take pain relievers, all of those will be gone in an instant!
  4. Eat something: When you have a root canal, except that you’ll be staying in a dentist chair for a period of time. And when the procedure is done, your mouth might feel numb or, you might be advised to eat at one side of your mouth. This can make eating difficult. You can avoid starving by taking a full meal before the procedure. This is a very effective solution to counteract nausea associated with the anesthesia.

In Conclusion

There are many ways on how you can take care of your dental health and undeniably, having a root canal procedure is one way of doing it. This is a quick procedure which can save your teeth. It can also save you money in the long run because you won’t need to take care of any damaged teeth. This should be reason enough for you to get through the procedure itself. But if that notion doesn’t work for you, the tips in this article might do the trick!

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