Protein Intake

Trying to build muscle?

We have all been there. You want to get that amazing beach body just in time for summer, but you are not sure what kind of fuel you need to put in your body to achieve that kind of result.

There are a bunch of options out there that can keep your protein levels high and improve your ability to turn that fat into lean muscle.

That is what we are going to go into today, how to get your protein intake with fitness goals in mind.

Why do We Need Protein Anyway?

When you work out, your body takes tiny bits of damage to your muscles which people often refer to as microtrauma.

Our muscles are mainly made out protein so we need protein as a key component to repairing them so those muscles can come back stronger.

Because you have broken down some of your muscle fiber through exercise, after that exercise your body rushes to repair it. Therefore, we need more protein after a workout.

If you do not get the right protein intake, you will struggle to build muscle.

Even worse, if you drop your protein intake after building your muscle to a level your happy with, you are likely to lose those previously made muscle growth gains.

So, keep that in mind if you decide to change your diet. Make sure you are getting the right amount of protein so you can maintain it if you are at the stage.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a popular way of keeping your protein levels up around a workout.

This is because they are easy to create and consume so you can focus more of your time of being in the gym then cooking a protein-rich meal.

They are also popular because they can be consumed in what some refer to as the anabolic window.

This is the window of time after a workout where your body is quickly repairing. This typically happens for about 30 minutes after a workout.

Some have argued this is not a fact because of the situations the studies measured but it is a reasonable rule of thumb for most.

Protein shakes can be consumed immediately after a workout, so it fits right into that window nicely.

There is an argument for consuming protein shakes before the workout as well.

Some suggest that it can metabolize easier with it being in your body prework out. So, you might be wondering now if you should take a protein shake before or after a workout?

There is not a scientific consensus on the issue yet. However, there’s no harm in trying and you might find that you are benefited in some way.


Protein is a super important nutrient that is also needed to combine a few other nutrients and hormones to aid in its growth and repair.

Testosterone is a vital hormone, naturally present in men and women.

For men, it is their main sex hormone and for women, it aids in fat loss and muscle gain.

The right amount of testosterone combined with the perfect protein intake is a recipe for muscle building success.

How do we get this hormone into our system you may ask?

Supplements – there is a wide range of great supplements on the market that can help boost levels of testosterone.

Many offering a great range of other useful nutrients that will support your general wellbeing.

Finding the right mixture of supplements can boost your muscle-building progress. Helping you rock that amazing beach body soon then you had hoped.

To summarize, we have discussed the positive effects that protein will have on your fitness goals.

With this little refresher, I am sure we can all work towards our fitness goals more effectively.

Using a mixture of protein shakes and supplements to support muscle growth and development.

Do not forget that everyone’s body is different, so we all must figure out our own perfect balance of supplements, protein, and exercise.

You will be looking like a cast member of Baywatch in no time.

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Kyle Moore is a South African writer with a love of all things natural! When he isn’t spending time wandering a forest, he’s finding ways to live his best life.

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