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There are many ways to build muscle. It depends on the person if they want to go through the long and the hard way or the longer and the harder way. There are many fitness models which are available across the world but it is important to know that there are no shortcuts in muscle buildup.

1. Progressive Overload

Progressive overload means in muscle buildup means that you workout by lifting heavier weights progressively. You need to do more reps and sets to build a stronger muscle. It is known that you cannot build muscle by lifting the same amount of weight and doing the same amount of reps and sets during the workout. For example, if you use 100 pounds for 8 reps of 3 sets each of bench press, eventually you need to progressively increase the bench press to 101 pounds and do 9 reps or 4 sets at least. This way you will have to continue to progressively increase your effort till you have built enough muscle mass or reach your goal. This will give you an idea how you will have to go on working your way up to heavier weights and more reps and sets. (See also: How To Build Muscle If (You’re Lactose Intolerant))

2. Prioritize

If you are interested in building your muscles you need to prioritize and give preference to gym above everything else. If you can go to the gym occasionally then it means that you are not serious about the whole thing.

3. Tracking the progress

Another very important aspect of muscle building is to track the progress. This is imperative since it will tell you exactly how much more weight, sets or reps you need to do.

4. Proper protein and calorie intake

You also need to have a positive energy balance. If you want to build muscles you should consume more calories than you are burning in the gym. Similarly, if you want to burn fat you need to do the opposite. It is a prerequisite for you to be eating more or fewer calories.  You need to get sufficient protein, fats, and necessary carbohydrates to reach your goal. People who are calculated can build or lose fat as and when required. They gauge and adjust their calories to meet their goals. You should be aware what you are consuming.  If you are not eating enough you may not be able to build muscle even if you are doing much cardio or sit-ups. You need a lot of protein as well to build up muscle which makes you strong enough to lift progressively heavier weights. As per studies, you need 0.64 to 0.82 grams of protein per pound every day to build muscles. (See also: 5 Ways To Speed Up Muscle Recovery After A Workout)

5. Supplements

There are many supplements also available in the market which help with the muscle gain. Some of the top 5 testosterone supplements for muscle gain are D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, Fenugreek, ginger, and zinc.

6. Setting realistic goals

While building muscles you need to make sure that you set realistic goals. In most cases, you develop the majority of the muscles in the first year of the training itself. Our body is highly responsive to the new stimulus and this helps during the beginning stages. Further, in the muscle building time frame, it takes longer to build muscles.

7. Doing Compound exercises and 72-hour rule

You should know that no matter how frequently you workout to build muscle you should workout every 72 hours or 2 to 3 days or at least twice a week as it takes our body 36 to 72 hours depending on the intensity of the exercise and workout for the body to recover, synthesize. The protein intake will help re-build the muscles into bigger & stronger muscles.

You should do compound exercises like squat, chin up and bench press as they are the fastest way to build muscles and get stronger. The compound muscles help you work on multiple muscles at the same time rather than working on single muscle in the isolation exercises. You can pick any one exercise and do it for 1 to 2 days per week and keep a track of the same while tracking the progressive exercises.

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