Personal Hygiene

Throughout your childhood, your mom must have told you to keep yourself clean and tidy; wear clean clothes and make sure that you smell nice. Well, she did the right thing as personal hygiene is essential in staying healthy.

It is the only possible way to keep yourself away from all sorts of illnesses, germs, and bacteria. There are times when following a good hygiene routine might seem boring or too hectic. But it is what will keep you alive and well.

Maintaining a clean lifestyle will also ensure that your mental health remains good. Yes, a clean body promotes a very fresh and rejuvenated feeling altogether. Now, you must be wondering how can we maintain our hygienic habits on an everyday basis?

Well, here’s a checklist you can follow to ward of all sorts of infections and viruses and ensure quality health.


If you want to keep yourself healthy the first thing you need to do is take regular baths.

You might find showering every day a nuisance but it will keep your skin cells clean and fresh. Invest in a good quality soap or body wash and scrub your body clean of sweat, dirt, dead skin cells, germs, and bacteria.

Washing your body will also reduce the reasons for body odor. Apart from cleaning your body, you must wash your hair at regular intervals.

Our scalp can easily collect dirt and dead skin, so it is important to shampoo it clean. Clean hair will also promote healthy hair growth.


Did you know that damaged teeth don’t just look bad but they feel worse too? Yes, it is practically impossible to have food properly with weak teeth. And when it comes to your appearance, cracked and decaying teeth are not exactly the look you want to go with.

People with teeth damage then go to a dentist for dental crown fixing and it is quite an experience. So why wait for your teeth to get ruined when you can clean and maintain them easily. Brush them clean after every meal or at least twice a day.

Don’t just stop there and floss your teeth daily as well. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly will help minimize bacterial buildup which will lessen your chances of tooth decay.

You will also have healthy and strong gums and won’t have to worry about gum disease. To avoid any dental problems, it is best that you also book a dentist appointment, every 6 months.


Manicure or Pedicure is not just about visiting a fancy spa and painting your nails pretty.

It is more about making sure that your finger and toenails are properly trimmed and clean.

Long nails not only get dirty and germ-ridden easily but they can also suffer from infected nail beds or hangnails.

Apart from nails, make sure that your hands and feet are well moisturized and don’t look dull. You should scrub your feet at least once a week so that the heels stay soft and smooth.


Dirty hands carry a lot of germs and bacteria. So you should wash your hands before you cook food or eat it, after using the bathroom, after a coughing or sneezing fit, after throwing out garbage, etc.

Washing your hands will not only stop the bacteria or viruses to spread but also ensure that your hands don’t become the source of an illness. Keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times, so that if you don’t have access to water or soap, you can still clean your hands. Now feet are a different issue.

Usually, we forget about our dirty heels and spend days without cleaning them. It is time that you chuck that habit out of the window and wash your feet clean. Also after washing your hands and feet, keep them moisturized to avoid rough or dry skin.




Style means nothing if you don’t know how to dress properly. Your clothes not only need to be well-designed but they also need to look and smell clean and fresh.

Wearing dirty clothes will make your body feel dull and lethargic. Whereas clean clothes will help you stay active even on a tough day. Schedule your washing on time so that you are not forced to wear smelly clothes.


Your surroundings have a very definite effect on your health. If you spend your time in dirty, unhygienic places you will be exposed to a lot of bacterial and skeptic problems. Then you need to learn how to clean and disinfect your home for the coronavirus.

Cleaning your place with anti-germ and an anti-bacterial solution is very essential to keep your health good. If you go through any sort of viral disease, make sure to disinfect your place after you are healed up; it will help remove any lingering germs.

Personal hygiene is something only you can do for yourself; it is something you should devote ample time to. There are quite a lot of habits you can adopt to maintain your personal hygiene but the ones mentioned above are a very good start. Here’s to living a clean lifestyle and being healthy!

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