Remove tartar build-up on the teeth

Oral hygiene is obviously a critical part of your daily lifestyle, or it should be. Our teeth and gums are constantly under attack from the food and drink that we consume and that means we should take good care and develop a good oral hygiene routine.

Just a few weeks of slack brushing and no flossing usually results in plaque building up along the gumline and between the teeth.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to remove tartar build-up, along with prevention advice.

Learn How To Brush Effectively

This is a critical aspect of good oral hygiene. Dentists in North Shore Sailors Bay Dentistry and even those in your local area can advise you on your choice of toothbrush and toothpaste.

A soft-bristled toothbrush is recommended and make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride, which is known to help prevent tooth decay.

Always Brush Before Bed

The reason for this is when you are asleep, that’s a lot of time for bacteria to get to work.

When you brush before sleep, there are minimal bacteria on your teeth, which helps to prevent tooth decay.

Take your time when brushing, changing the angle and rotation, and don’t apply too much pressure as this can cause gum bleeding.

Use Antiseptic Mouthwash

After brushing and flossing, swill a mouthful of antiseptic mouthwash around your mouth, forcing the liquid between the teeth (you can do this by contorting your face) and creating pressure. This helps remove minute food particles trapped between the teeth.

Visit A Dental Hygienist

Most dental clinics will have at least one hygienist, who uses state-of-the-art equipment to remove all traces of plaque and tartar.

The hygienist is a trained professional and polishes the tooth enamel when the plaque removal process has been completed and you are ready for the dentist to carry out an oral examination.

The Art Of Flossing

There are actually YouTube how-to videos that demonstrate correct flossing techniques, which helps you far more than a written description.

Sadly, many people don’t floss and if you’re one of them, now is the time to start flossing. It really is easy, and the act of flossing removes food particles from between the teeth, which brushing often misses.

Once flossing becomes second nature, you will automatically reach for the floss after brushing and this will help to prevent tartar forming.

The Importance Of Dental Check-Ups

Every 6 months is the recommended schedule for dental check-ups, which gives your dentist the opportunity to inspect your teeth and gums. You can also have your teeth deep cleaned by the resident hygienist.

If tooth decay is discovered early, the treatment is minor when compared to a badly decayed tooth, which can result in extraction.

Tartar build-up can easily occur if your oral health regime is poor. With improved practices and regular check-ups, your teeth and gums will get the green light.

Tartar can also cause bad breath, which is yet another reason to have your teeth professionally cleaned by a hygienist.


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