Myotherapy is a therapeutic practice aimed at treating the dysfunctions of myofascial, i.e. the soft tissue that binds and segregates muscles. Myotherapy is an advanced type of physiotherapy that helps in the reduction of joint and muscle pain, which cannot be treated merely by medication.


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When To Go For Myotherapy?

Any pain or difficulty with the muscles, inability to move or walk and similar systems, if persist for a long time, should not be taken lightly and you should understand that it is time to undergo Myotherapy. Some symptoms, which will help you to understand that Myotherapy is crucial for you are as follows:

  1. Prolonged pain
  2. Unnecessary contraction of muscles
  3. Swelling in the muscles
  4. Inability to bend at the joints
  5. Inability to move or walk efficiently, etc.

Myotherapy can turn out to be a pain-relief and solution for certain types of chronic medical conditions such as musculoskeletal pain and related pathologies.

Myotherapy can be used to treat the following disorders such as:

  1. Injury-related to sports
  2. Tennis elbow
  3. Stress, tension, and headache
  4. Chronic shoulder and back pain
  5. Spondylitis
  6. Strain in the muscles
  7. Chronic joint pain
  8. Swelling or tear of the ligaments, etc.

Myotherapy Procedures

  1. At first, the myotherapist will come and make an assessment of the problems associated with your health and try to diagnose the underlying reasons by hands-on techniques, TENS machines, dry needling, a prescription for rehabilitation, etc.
  2. You should inform the myotherapist about your thorough medical history, underlying medical conditions, lists of chronic illness (if any), medications you are taking, surgeries you have undergone etc. so that he will be able to form a clear picture of your overall health.
  3. The myotherapist will then check your affected areas and consider the symptoms you are undergoing.
  4. He can then start with simple massaging techniques in the affected areas.
  5. Stretching, contracting, and relaxing the affected muscles, ligaments, and tendons with adequate pressure will also be a course of the treatment.
  6. Sometimes, hot compress and cold compress can also turn out to be hugely beneficial.
  7. Giving pressure on selected nerves (acupressure) is also included in Myotherapy.
  8. With all these techniques, a person will surely be relieved from the pain. In addition, with a continuation of the Myotherapy sessions, the pain will vanish eventually.

Medical Conditions Where Myotherapy Has Been Hugely Beneficial

As discussed earlier, problems related to the myofascial disorder is best treated by specific trigger point therapy known as Myotherapy. Some problems where Myotherapy is effective are:

  1. Prolonged and chronic neck and back pain
  2. Spondylitis
  3. A frequent Headache
  4. Injuries related to outdoor games
  5. Pain due to sudden injury
  6. Pain due to broken or cracked bone, which has recovered long ago but the pain still persists
  7. Pain in the jaw muscles, difficulty in chewing, etc.

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand whether the pain you are enduring is due to myofascial dysfunction or not. If you have any confusion, there is no harm in contacting a professional myotherapist, as this method does not have any side effect.

Overall Care

Any kind of physical therapy alone cannot cure a person unless strict rules are followed like a proper diet, exercise prescribed by the professional, and other treatments. Some treatments must be carried out at home to get the best results, such as:

  1. Stretching and relaxing exercises of the muscles
  2. Massaging at the affected areas
  3. Hot and cold compress at intervals
  4. Breathing practices

 Myotherapy is a cent percent painless, natural and beneficial technique to get rid of your long-term pain especially associated with myofascial. For sure, it can benefit you largely to overcome the pain, lead a normal life by working on trigger points and provide rehabilitation to musculoskeletal pains.

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