Fitness offers all kinds of obvious benefits — a way to gain muscle, lose weight, boost endorphins, burn calories and more. The only problem? For many people, it’s all too easy to accidentally get injured. Straining a muscle while trying to get in shape is the fastest way to put a halt on your zealous workout plan. To prevent the need to pause your fitness journey, here’s a look at good workout practices.

You don’t need a personal trainer to work out effectively, but it’s an excellent idea. A qualified trainer should know how to steer you away from bad habits that potentially cause injury. He or she will guide you toward a proper form that could give you better results. Even if you only book a few initial sessions, it’s worthwhile. Every time you start a workout, make warming up your first priority. This loosens your tight muscles and tendons so that they’re ready to move safely. Some good warmup ideas include brisk walking, jumping rope or biking for a few minutes.

Just as you warm up at the beginning of your workout, so too you should cool down at the end. Give yourself at least five minutes to slow down your movements, help your heart rate recovery and stretch. If you’re one of those exercisers who’s loyal to a certain machine, reach outside your comfort zone. Trying new routines works different muscles and gives others a break.

Especially when you’re going to be physically active, hydrate properly by drinking enough water. Also, be sure to take a day or two off each week to help your body recover from heavy lifting, cardio or another exercise.

As great as it is to stay active, your exercise is only as effective as your injury prevention. If you pull a ligament or strain a muscle, you’ll have to take time off — and easily can lose motivation. Use the tips above to protect yourself. To learn more about how to work out in the safest, smartest ways, check out the accompanying checklist. It presents injury-preventing tips in a visually friendly format to make it easy to remember!

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Chris Tyler is the owner of Universal Spa Training Academy. USTA is an ABMP massage member school, as well as a PCA Partnership School offering a full spectrum of training that stresses the basics and advanced education without the extra cost and time that other schools may require.

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