On average, we humans sleep for about one-third of our lives. So someone at the age of 75 has actually slept for about 25 years. Sounds like a lot of wasted time, doesn’t it?

Well, sleep is vital for our health and without sleep we wouldn’t probably even make it through the first 25 days of our lives. So it’s for good reason that people are starting to pay close attention to the amount of sleep they get.

Yet, as so often, the devil is in the detail, and it is not only important that you sleep but how you do so. One could say: your overall health depends on the fact that you sleep, but more specific health issues – such as back pain or acid reflux – are influenced by the quality of your sleep.

The first aspect that can help with those issues is a material one so that, for instance, a new quality mattress can greatly reduce back pain. The second aspect is behavioral and can make or break certain health issue you might be facing. So the best part here is: you can change it immediately and at absolutely no cost to you.

And his aspect is the sleeping position you adopt throughout those 25 years of sleep. And you can’t say that there is one absolute best position. If you’re suffering from back pain you should consider adopting another position than if you’d like to stop snoring. This makes sense because snoring stems from the pressure exerted on your stomach and lungs while back pain stems from pressure exerted on your back.

So whatever health issue you’re facing, the below infographic will show you exactly which sleeping position is best for you.

Sleeping Positions & Health
Courtesy of: bestpatrols.com
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