It’s a well-known fact that your sleep, diet, and exercise tend to be three of the most important components of your health. However, not many of us get the kind of sleep our body craves for, due to a poor mattress.

This also leads to not being able to exercise much, which makes matters even worse for your overall health.

This makes it imperative to invest in a quality mattress. Not doing so may make you considerably more vulnerable to health issues. How? Let’s find out below.

Your Mattress and Stress Levels

Did you think your mattress has nothing to do with your stress levels? Poor you! A few studies have found that the state of your mattress can have a major impact on your stress levels.

The older your mattress, the lower its ability to help you with your stress levels. Hence, the studies suggested that one must consider replacing their mattress if they have been using it for 8 years or more.

Your Mattress and Allergies

About 20 million Americans fight different types of allergies every year. A major contributing factor to these allergies is believed to be the mattress you sleep on.

This is probably the reason the Better Sleep Council reported that it’s important to make sure the mattress you sleep on is clean enough by cleaning it from time to time.

However, even if that doesn’t help with your allergies, then you may certainly need a new, good mattress; it will likely lead to a great difference in not only your vulnerability to allergies but also your overall quality of sleep.

Not All NEW Mattresses are Good

The ultra-push ones, for example, are one of the worst types of mattresses out there. They can be a disaster for your back health, and lead to back pain, body ache and a variety of other issues over time.

This is the reason experts recommend people to experience the quality of comfort a mattress offers by sleeping on it for a bit before they decide to buy it.

Deteriorating Sleep Quality

Do you feel tired and restless even after spending about 8 hours in the bed? Then your mattress may certainly be the culprit here.

As we saw above, your mattress gets less and less comfortable as it gets older. If you find this to be the case with your mattress, don’t hesitate to get a new one.


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