Self-care is not just a luxury. It’s actually a necessity for anyone who wants to reduce stress and remain healthy. Particularly for women who are often busy caring for others, making time for yourself empowers you to accomplish everything you need to do. When you make time for your own needs, you can prevent burnout, improve your mood and show by example what you hope your kids or loved ones will also learn to do for themselves.

So what are some good ways to begin practicing self-care? How can you take the first steps toward improved immunity, less stress, and better emotional balance? If the concept of taking care of yourself is new to you, here are a few practical ideas to get you started:

  • Give yourself a spa day — The term “spa day” connotes relaxation for good reason. When you set aside other tasks to care for your hair, skin, nails, and body, you not only nourish your physical self but also your emotional well-being. Clear the calendar, book an appointment or gather your favorite beauty products, and see how you good feel afterward.
  • Unplug from technology — Despite the many benefits technology has bestowed on society, the drawbacks are pretty intense. Overusing technology can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. One solution is to take regular technology breaks. Make it a habit to get off the Internet a few hours before bed. Shut your laptop for chunks of time during the day. For many people, unplugging can dramatically reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Get moving — Exercise is more than a healthy habit. It’s also an endorphin boost that can make you feel alive and empowered. Find a way to carve out time each day — or at least three to five times a week — to get your heart pumping. Your mental and physical health will reap the benefits.

Self-care is a habit everyone can and should get into because it reduces stress and provides a host of health benefits. To learn more about why self-care matters and how you can start taking care of you, see the attached resource!

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Self-Care guide created by Tyler’s Beauty & Spa Academy

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