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There are different types of injuries, which can be due to several things. You can get injured due to someone’s careless attitude or behavior, or due to your own fault. You can even be injured while walking. For example, a person may fall while using the stairs. However, the intensity of such injuries may be significantly less compared to other injuries, such as those caused by car accidents.

Injuries From Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most unpredictable things which can cause severe injuries to a person. Generally, two parties are involved in an accident, but there can be more in certain instances. For example, when the weather is not good, and there is fog all around, it is common to see several vehicles bump into each other.

It is completely impossible to predict when an accident may take place. It can happen to anyone in spite of utter carefulness. The primary reason behind most crashes is the faulty action of one of the parties. At times, both parties may have a part to play in the occurrence of the crash. The vehicles involved can be either public or private, and hence the number of people injured may also vary.

There are a variety of accidents that can involve motor vehicles, such as:

  1.   Car accidents
  2.   Motorcycle accidents
  3.   Pedestrian accidents
  4.   Trucking accidents

According to Statista, in 2018, the state of California reported around 3,651 deaths due to road accidents.

Other causes

Apart from road accidents, there are various other types of accidents, which can cause injuries. Such examples include falls from heights, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, etc. Such personal injuries can be due to the fault of other individuals. Hence, the injured person may be able to hold the at-fault person liable for the financial costs of the injury.

After effects

Most road accidents are usually due to the hectic and busy schedule of people. While in a hurry, they get more careless, and as a result of this, they end up getting in an accident. If one gets out of it safe and sound, it is a huge stroke of luck. However, most times, serious injuries are sustained. Irrespective of the type of accident, an individual may get injured and have to undergo several medical treatments due to their injury.

A beautiful and pleasant day can become life-changing if one gets in an accident. If the injuries are fatal, the emotional, psychological, and financial costs can be steep. A person may suffer emotional and mental damage in an accident, along with visible physical injuries. In such cases, the individual may be able to hold the other party fully accountable.

Claiming compensation

If you were not at fault for the accident that caused your injury, then you should be able to get compensation from the responsible party. A person who gets injured in California has two years to file an injury claim. This “statute of limitations” applies to most types of injuries.

It is ideal to seek legal guidance or help from dedicated injury lawyers. A person should go with an aggressive attorney to maximize the chances of winning their case in court. If the lawyer for the plaintiff proves the case, then the guilty is liable to pay the money to the victim.

Some of the costs which you can receive compensation for include:

  1.   Hospital and other medical costs
  2.   Lost earnings
  3.   Future expenses on medical grounds
  4.   Loss of enjoyment of life
  5.   Pain and suffering

Advantages of legal proceedings

If one gets injured in California, involving a lawyer is usually the most fruitful thing to do. Injury lawyers know their way around such cases and can create a strong case for you on a contingency-fee-basis. There are a lot many things which are taken into consideration while reaching the final amount of compensation.

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