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Throughout the years, the only way to strengthen teeth is through the traditional set of metal braces. However, the advancements of technology and science led the field of orthodontics to acquire improvements. A new and effective way of enhancing teeth is through Invisalign. (See also: Is Invisalign Right For You?)

The two methods of offering the Equal Result: Invisalign vs. Braces

Doctors present the Invisalign. The traditional braces are made up of metal which was attached and place in the teeth. The brackets are being tied together with the use of metal wires which strengthens the bracket and the rubber bands as well. The braces will be remaining in the teeth until such time the teeth will be strengthened, and the process will be completed. These braces may be comfortable to use but still, it gives a bothersome experience when you use it since it is made up of wires.

“The Invisalign is the most updated way of maintaining the strength of the teeth. This type of innovative device is almost invisible which make the users more comfortable,” says Dr. Leslie Pitner, an orthodontist based in South Carolina. Many of the adults, as well as teenagers, are satisfied with the care of this orthodontic device. Moreover, instead of using metal wires and metal brackets, you can use a device with no hustle and is very presentable at the same time – that device is the Invisalign which is made up of smooth plastics, plastic aligners, and custom-made materials.

The Creation of your Aligners with the use of Custom-made designs.

There is a 3D presentation of your beloved teeth, and this is used with a digital impression, X-rays and pictures. With the use of these images, we created your very own aligners which are custom designed. After that, these custom-made aligners will be used and worn to strengthen your teeth; an innovative design which allows the user to remove the aligners easily and gives a comfortable way of using compared to the traditional braces which are very tough to manage.

Invisalign is the Key to Comfort while the Traditional Braces is Uncomfortable to Use

It is uncomfortable to use traditional braces for the fact that it is made of metal wires. The materials used distracts the gums inside your mouth. The traditional braces is a harder way to strengthen your teeth. When the wires collide with your cheeks, it results in a painful feeling and may cause lacerations. Mouth sore can also exist. This could cause frustration which may distract you from doing tasks, assignments, and projects.

The Difference between Invisalign

This type of device is custom made. Hence, customers are given a chance to pick the appropriate size of materials needed to strengthen their teeth. Brackets made up of wires can`t be seen for it is made of plastic aligners, custom-made materials, and smooth plastics. With that, you will not be dealing with any mouth sores or lacerations anymore.

Most of the patients experience mouth sores especially whenever they change their aligners; they abhor this process. That may be encountered within two weeks, and the said soreness can result in a painful experience. However, these type of variations of aligners is made to place of teeth in the proper position. Hence, patients should be able to deal with sores and lacerations. Some patients tend to remove their aligners before going to bed because the aligners are a distraction when sleeping. Eventually, there are some changes in the size of their aligners due to the removal before bed.

The Aligners of the Invisalign are removable. 

There is a huge possibility for the food particles to stuck up in your braces. This can somehow be irritating to see. The food tends to get stuck because of the presence of wires and bracket. It is undeniable that it is tough to have proper dental hygiene especially when you have braces. However, in Invisalign’s case, their aligners are removable. Hence, you can easily remove this before eating and eventually put it back after your meal.

The treatment time: Invisalign vs. Braces

The treatment time may vary. Users of traditional braces can take up to 18 months up to 3-year usage. The Invisalign treatment will work differently compared to conventional braces. It will depend on how long the patient needs to wear the innovative device.  In most cases, patients will only need 6 to 8-month of usage. It also depends on the process of usage and on how the consumer follows the instructions of the dentist. The user needs to keep the aligners about 20 to 22 hours per day. It is highly required to have a proper process.

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