Side Effects of CBD Oil

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Have you heard of medical marijuana? Let’s make it simpler, have you heard of marijuana? Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

For a fact, marijuana and medical marijuana are derived from the same plant. The only catch here is; medical marijuana or aptly the cannabis contains less than 0.3 percent THC, which is the psychoactive element found in marijuana.

The extracted cannabis has been recognized to have medical benefits like no other. It is no less than a surprise for people who have created a taboo around CBD as they think it to be harmful.

With cannabis gaining more and more recognition, its use and trading have taken an upturn. The most common derivation that has been becoming a major medical commodity happens to be CBD oil, a natural chemical present in the cannabis Sativa plant.

Where people are overwhelmed by the Benefits of CBD oil, there are some side effects associated with it. These side effects do not overpower the benefits, but you need to track them for your good. After all, the real power lies in sharing the knowledge that leads you into making a wiser person.

Here are six side effects of CBD oil that you need to know.

1. When Exhaustion Takes The Better Of You

 CBD oil is a perfect tincture for it offers many health benefits, but one can’t ignore how it makes you feel tired. If even lifting a normal bucket may seem like climbing a mountain, it is likely that it is a side effect of the CBD oil prescriptions. But, one needs not to worry much as this is the effect of your body adjusting to the new changes.

Some even say that CBD leads to headaches, but that may be a case only if you are buying low-quality CBD that contains impurities. That is why; you need to choose the CBD product well.

Whenever you buy CBD oil online, it becomes essential to have a good look at the nutrition labels so that you do not fall for the marketing gimmicks.

2. The Dizziness Is Making You Sleep

 There are CBD oil products for anxiety that have been making news for some time now. The product is safer for consumption and eliminates the hazards of intoxication in any way. On the contrary, there have been reports claiming that CBD oil makes one vulnerable to drowsiness.

Well, this might be true if you consume the medicine in heavy doses. In case, this side effect bothers you; it is suggested to refrain from driving or doing any work that requires concentration.

Try and reduce the dosage to deal with the dizziness as appropriate doses are known to trigger energy levels.

Most of the time, you will feel dizzy only for a few moments after the CBD oil gets to the system. But, if you do not feel alright; prefer caffeinated beverages or lying down for a bit. You’ll certainly feel better.

3. Unfavorable For Ones Dealing With Parkinson’s

 For all the people dealing with Parkinson’s disease, it is recommended to have a word with your doctor before trying CBD products. A study suggests that high doses of CBD oil have increased muscle tremors in Parkinson’s disease. The same does not imply if the CBD consumption is in check or is limited!

If CBD oil is taken in the recommended quantities, everything turns out to be well. In fact, normal or regulated doses help soothe the tremors associated with the disease.  That is why; it is always safe to consult your physician for he can suggest you the best.

4. You Keep Running For Water

Dry mouth or aptly the “cottonmouth,” is a well-known side effect that comes with the consuming CBD oil or even other cannabis-derived products.

If you have been using CBD Tinctures lately, you are more likely to ask for water now and then. This is because of a chemical in cannabis called the anandamide, a type of endocannabinoid.

The mouth of a human being contains saliva glands that secrete saliva to make the mouth wet. It is the submandibular gland that helps produce the saliva fluids and is known to contain cannabinoid receptors.

Now, when you consume CBD, the anandamide binds to the receptors in the glands, restraining it from producing any fluid. In simple words, anandamide blocks the signal communication from the nervous system to produce saliva, causing dry mouth in turn.

5. The Blood Pressure Dips Surprisingly

If an individual is dealing with diabetes or heart disease, they are known to benefit from the blood pressure dips from consuming CBD oil. The side effect of lowered blood pressure may be a problem for people with normal blood pressure levels.

Again, it may be a result of higher doses that the blood pressure levels go down or you feeling sleepy all the time. But, do not worry as doses of caffeinated beverages can aid in combating the side effect.

6. Heads-On With The Pharmaceutical Medications

If you are too attracted to the benefits of CBD oil, it is better to consult your physician before buying it. Though the chances are minor, CBD oil might interfere with the pharmaceutical medicine you may be consuming. The fact is, high doses of CBD oil are likely to restrain the activity of P450 enzymes in the liver.

These enzymes are normally responsible for breaking down the pharmaceutical drugs so that the body can utilize it effectively. In case, CBD is consumed in high quantity; the activity of P450 enzymes face a downfall. As a result, the effect of the pharmaceutical drug gets null and void.

Wrapping Up

These are six side effects of CBD oil that you need to be wary of. Looking at the above information, it can be said that there are no issues with CBD when taken in optimal quantities.

The problem starts with the heavy doses. That, in turn, makes for an important reason to consult your doctor before you buy CBD oil online. At last, always remember that your safety and well-being is in your hands.

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