Keep My Engagement Ring & Jewelry On When Workout

Going to the gym several times a week, or even daily, is great for your overall health and wellness. But is it great on your engagement ring? Should you be wearing your rings, or other jewelry, when you’re working out? Damage to your diamond or the band itself can be devastating, especially if you know you could have protected it from happening. If you want to keep your jewelry safe, here are some tips that can help you when you’re working out.

Risk of Injury

Wearing your rings while working out doesn’t just put your jewelry at risk of getting damaged, they can cause injuries as well. For example, if you lift weights while wearing a ring, you could cause damage to your hands such as cuts or bruises. The same is true with kickboxing or other sports with hand impact. And you still don’t want to bend the band in the process.

Some people elect to put their rings on a chain and wear them while working out, but that can be just as dangerous. A ring flying up and hitting you in the eye or tooth can cause major problems that are expensive to fix or, if really bad, can cause permanent damage.

Safe Storage

If you can, leave your rings at home while you’re exercising. That’s the most secure way to make sure they’re safe. However, it isn’t always practical. For instance, you may head to the gym before or after work and need to wear your jewelry throughout the day. Even a locker with a padlock might not be enough to safely store your rings.

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One suggestion is to cut into an old tennis ball. You can squeeze it like an old-fashioned change purse and access the hollow interior to store all of your valuables, including money and your rings. Then lock the ball in your locket with the rest of your personal items.

Alternative Options

There are some products that can help you protect your ring at the gym if you’re not interested in removing it or leaving it at home. Rubber ring protectors are one solution to keep your ring from getting damaged at the gym, especially if you’re doing low-impact workouts like running on the treadmill, riding a bike, or practicing yoga. Keep in mind that wearing your ring can still carry a risk of injury even if you use a protector.

And while you certainly want to show off your brilliant diamond when you’re out and about, another alternative is to have an alternate ring. A simple band made out of a durable metal such as titanium or stainless steel can work for you. Another popular choice is tungsten, which is significantly harder than gold. While you don’t need to wear these rings everywhere, you can have them on at the gym and not worry about them getting damaged or stolen.

Damage to your ring can be upsetting. Getting injured because you left your ring on at the gym can be embarrassing at best and cause long term health problems at worst. Don’t leave yourself open to these risks. Keep your rings at home, protect them at the gym, store them safely, or have an alternative ring to wear for these occasions can let you rest assured that your ring will remain beautiful for years to come. And you can get such personalized jewelry at getnamenecklace engraved jewelry.

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