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When choosing a mattress, size is the first factor that you must take into consideration. A high-quality or robust mattress will be of no use if it doesn’t fit your living space.

There are different sized mattresses available on the market but the choice of the mattress would largely depend on your room & bed size.

In addition to this, the sleeping requirements must also be taken into consideration before deciding on the mattress size.

Nowadays, king-size mattress and queen-size mattresses are the most popular types of mattresses. As the standard bedroom size increased over the years, the companies started to develop large-sized mattresses that could accommodate couples without causing any inconvenience.

Let’s have a look at the difference between king and queen-size mattresses.

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Queen Size Mattresses

This 80 inches large and 60 inches wide mattress is comparatively less expensive than the king-size mattress. This is because the Queen size is 16 inches narrower than the King mattress.

As mentioned, Queen is almost the same size as the King mattress except for the fact that it’s a bit narrower than the latter.

If you are looking for a high-quality and spectacular mattress that could fit your master bedroom, then a queen-size mattress can turn out the best possible option.

Let’s discuss the features of a queen-size mattress.


Queen size bed is specially designed to help homeowners enjoy a comfortable sleep. It makes a perfect option for a couple, who are searching for a larger mattress that offers the best ever sleep.

Not only does it allow you to share the bed with your partner, but its size is large enough to accommodate your pet as well.

Even healthier couples can fit in the queen mattress without worrying about its length. You will save money if you choose this option; however, how much a queen mattress is will depend on the type of mattress.

King Mattress

The king bed was first invented and introduced to the market in the 1940s. In 1950, King size bed was considered the top bedding option for homeowners, especially couples who wanted a larger and more comfortable bed.


The size of the king mattress is equivalent to the two XL beds. They are specifically designed for couples. As they are 16 inches wider than Queen size beds, users get enough space in the mattress to sleep comfortably without bothering their partner.

In fact, this large bed can accommodate your entire family including kids and pets.

Why Does Bed Size Matter?

When you install furniture or lighting, you consider the room space and your requirements before finalizing the right option.

Similarly, the bed size is important for homeowners who want to experience comfortable and proper sleep. Mattresses play a crucial role in your sleep experience.

While both king and queen-size mattresses are wonderful, you must choose the right one. Considering your room size and sleeping patterns, pick the one that suits you the most.

The mattresses must fit your living space perfectly. Furthermore, it must allow couples and their families to enjoy a good sleeping time together.

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