It is scientifically proven that low carb diets are effective. People usually prefer low carb diets when they are warned about their excessive weight gain. However, low carb diets are usually neglected as soon as the desired weight is not lost. If you are one of those ingesting low carb diets, but not getting the desired results, here are some of the reasons, you should keep in mind.

Taking too Much Stress

Our body doesn’t need exercise and healthy diet to function properly. If you are stressed all the time, the level of cortisol increases, which can result in the desire for craving unhealthy food like junk food. It is better to go for meditation and involve in the deep breathing exercise. Moreover, you must avoid excessive use of social networks and television. The best way is to keep yourself engaged in reading books.

Avoiding Real Food

A low carb diet isn’t just about lowering the intake of carbs, but also the replacement of carbohydrates with natural nutritional foods. Avoid any kind of processed foods that may contain fewer carbs but may not deliver the desired results. For this purpose, paleo diet also known as caveman diet works at its best. Paleo Diet is all about consuming natural food and giving up on processed foods.

Taking Too Much Nuts

It is a fact that nuts are real food, however, there is a high quantity of fat present in most of the nuts. For instance, almonds contain approximately 70% calories from fat. If you are munching nuts in high quantity, your intake of calories may increase, which might lead to no results.

Consumption of Drinks, Sweeteners & Alcohol

Several studies have revealed that artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks, and alcohol can negatively or positively affect your hunger. Moreover, the intake of artificial sweeteners is directly related to weight gain. In addition, alcohol may result in high risk of low platelet count as it slows down the production of platelets. For more information on platelets, you can visit, and find out what causes the low platelets count, symptoms, and treatment.


Taking Less Sleep

Many health studies have shown that sleep is very important to keep you healthy and fresh. However, lack of sleep may result in obesity and weight gain. Waking up late hours at night will make us feel hungry, tired and less motivated to eat healthy food and exercise. You might not see any results if you are ingesting low carb diet but neglecting sleep. It is better to avoid intake of caffeine, sleep in pitch dark room, read a book to relax and avoid alcohol.

Ingesting Dairy Products in High Amount

Dairy products despite being low on carbs may contain high proteins. It can result in surging of insulin level, which may lead to energy into storage. The amino acid composition in dairy products makes it very effective in raising the level of insulin. Make sure to eliminate all kinds of the dairy product except butter.

Not Exercising the Right Way

Exercise no doubt helps you in improving your metabolism, make you feel fresh and energetic and build your muscle mass. However, your goal should not be burning calories because the burnt calories can easily be negated by eating a few bites of food in your next meal. It is important to do the right kind of exercises such as weight lifting, treadmill, and cardio.

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Be Realistic in Your Approach

Surviving on low carb diet and expecting to lose straight 10 pounds in the first week is a totally unrealistic approach. However, losing 1 to 2 pounds is realistic and achievable. Moreover, weight loss in some people might be quicker than others. If you are not seeing the results as quickly as your friend has, don’t take it seriously. Weight loss takes much longer than people may expect and that is why some of them will leave the things in the middle of nowhere.


Consuming low carb diet and expecting the results too early might make you feel disappointed. Moreover, there are many other factors that needs to be considered while achieving the goals. You might have faced disappointment in the past but now is the time to start again without losing motivation. Make sure to try at least 3 to 6 months before you quit.

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