Neurological Bobath Tables

With the passage of time, the world is taking giant steps in the advancement of technology. Among all fields, medical science has become the most advanced in the recent past.  Now, doctors and hospitals have become well equipped with latest technologies. One of the many latest innovations is Neurological Bobath Tables. Neurological Bobath is a special type of treatment that is given to patients to cure their neurological problems in their body.

What is Neurological Bobath?

As mentioned it is a special type of treatment for patients. This treatment is given to adults mostly, but kids and infants are also being treated using the same method. Generally, Bobath is being applied to the patients (adults mostly) who have survived a stroke or any sort of neurological diseases. It is a kind of rehabilitation that is given through some physical activities. This helps the patient to improve movement skills. Its main principle is to treat the patient’s body holistically. This helps a lot to rehabilitate movement and restore it to near normal condition after a stroke. There are many cases where children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This treatment is helpful for them as well. Bobath is applied to patients for their free movement and physical fitness. After a stroke or when cerebral patients get paralyzed, Bobath treatments are given to make them move their body parts freely. Bobath treatment includes the motor learning, motor control, and neuroplasticity. The process can be summarized in one line as stabilizing wobbly bits and mobilizing stiff bits.

Who Can Benefit from Neurological Bobath?

When invented, this technique was only used on adults. But after improvisation, even kids can benefit from it. There are 4 types of people who can get the advantage of this treatment:

  1. People having cerebral palsy.
  2. People having neurological conditions due to stroke.
  3. People suffering from metabolic disorders.
  4. People having genetic neurological disorders.
  5. People suffering from the aftermaths of a brain injury, near drowning incidents, meningitis, etc.

But, in the case of people who have conditions that are not of a central nervous system origin and does not involve any damage to the brain, are not benefit from this procedure as such disorders are due to muscle dysfunctions. For example, muscular dystrophies and Spine Bifida.

How to Choose Best Neurological Bobath Tables?

  • Configuration: The tables come with either automatic operation or manual operation. The table has a treatment area of 2000mm X 1200mm and 450mm is the minimum height. This low height makes it easily accessible even to wheelchair bound patients.  There is a height adjustment button to enable the practitioner to reduce the back strain during treating the patient. People mostly choose automatic over manual as they are easy to handle. In manual tables, it is sometimes hard to fix the exact posture and operations. This does not happen in automatic tables. On the other hand, using automatic tables helps the doctor to set proper posture of patients during follow-up sessions.
  • Postures on the tables: It is mandatory in Bobath treatment to maintain a steady and proper posture. The patient must maintain that during the treatment session. This is the reason why most of the people select automatic Bobath tables over manual ones. The posture of the patient is told by the trainer or doctor at the treatment session.
  • Soft Vinyl cover body: The neurological Bobath tables come with a soft vinyl cover on the top with a curved body. This helps the patient to comfortably sit or lie down on the table. The curve of the table helps the patient to maintain proper posture. There are some tables which come with electrical operations. These tables are more comfortable for the patients as well as doctors who are treating them.
  • You need to ensure that the Bobath table you are choosing has the following features. All the below-listed features ensure a better comfort and thus are the best for a patient’s treatment:
  1. Electric head adjustment and a foot switch.
  2. Heavy duty lockable castors
  3. CFC free foam in the seats
  4. Anti-microbial vinyl

Why do we need Neurological Bobath Tables? Benefits of Bobath Tables:

Bobath tables are widely used to heal the patients suffering from meningitis or stroke or cerebral attacks. As people know these are diseases that make you go vegetative sometimes or sometimes a part of the body becomes paralyzed after the attacks. This happens due to nerves being damaged by the attack. Once the nerves are damaged, patients go numb. That body part stops working properly. Neurological Bobath Tables are used in healing such physical issues.

 With the advancement of technology across the world, medical science has moved ahead towards solving many untreatable medical conditions. There was a time when it was impossible to think beyond popping medicines and surgery. Now the time has come when people are witnessing latest technology advancements aiding us to treat and cure hitherto incurable medical problems, be it neurological issues, cancer, or related to the heart.

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