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This an era of desires and unlimited ways to fulfill them. One of the most overwhelming desires of a woman is getting a beautiful body, and going through a breast augmentation surgery is one such way to get the same. However, like many other wishes in your heart, breast augmentation is an expensive procedure and requires a strong financial background. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a typical breast augmentation procedure would cost around $3,719. The cost grows further with the more stable choices like silicone implants instead of cheaper saline implants.

Nevertheless, if it was a few years back, only the wealthy women could think of it, as an average independent woman could hardly possess the ways to pay for breast implants. Luckily, 2018 is an era of internet and globalization. There is nothing logical with which internet cannot help. Today, internet, with online crowdfunding platforms is doing wonders in getting help with breast implants expenses. Paying for breast implants is no more an impossible task for a typical self-governing woman.

What are the common breast augmentation procedures?

Women undergo breast augmentation for numerous reasons. Some are just for cosmetic enhancement, while the majority is done for medical reasons like breast reconstruction after an accident, breast reduction to prevent cancer, Breast reconstruction after pregnancy etc.

The popular procedures adopted for any random reason are as follows:

  1. To increase roundness and projection of the breasts
  2. To balance the overall breast to hip contours ratio.
  3. To reduce the breasts size.
  4. To reconstruct the body part after an accident

Raise fund for anything with online crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been in this world for the time unknown. There is no shortage of generous people would love to donate some of their wealth to the needy people. Take the example of a six-year-old kid who raised $7, 000 for the family of a martyred deputy by selling lemonade in his backyard. The charity has no face and there are people who love to donate. Crowdfunding websites, by taking the charity to the online world, has made generosity accessible to the common people.

Out of the several ways to pay for breast implants, crowdfunding has is emerging as one of the safest methods. How?

  1. It offers absolute finance, as women do not have to pay the bills, the donators pay for them.
  2. Women need not possess a good credit score to get finance from crowdfunding sites.
  3. They do not need putting their equities as collateral like in the bank loans.
  4. They need not paying the higher interests as in the loan against credit cards.
  5. They need not worry about insurance policy not covering the bills of the cosmetic surgery.
  6. They need not selling their equities to the pawnshops for easy financing.

Eventually, problems encountered with the solutions, and this time, the problem of huge hospital bills had a face to face with crowdfunding. This occasioned women to come up with innovative ideas for getting help from the online community in paying for breast implants. The procedures, which were once imaginable for a woman with wealth, or those who inherit the wealth of their wealthy husbands, are now approachable by common and independent women. Deprived women can now unwaveringly connect with the online community of men interested in donating them with a liberated will.

Why would men donate to an unknown woman?

As we discussed earlier, there are people who love showing humanity to the fellow human without any self. With crowdfunding platforms, one can easily find such people who help in raising funds for people in needs. The crowdfunding sites dedicated to raising funds for cosmetic procedures are a prime attraction for the people with two types of intentions:

  • People who donate for a material reward in return of the favor-

As the nature of dedicated crowdfunding sites is clear to many men, they expect some material benefits while joining these sites. Many join to find sugar babies, while some of them just desire an interactive affection from the woman. This could include text chatting, telephony or live cam sessions.

PS: Many websites do not allow personal meetings and offer only on-site interactions. One must not confuse these for porn tubes or escort services, as the interaction is only on-site and not necessarily on adult topics.

Though to encourage men to donate, the sites may offer advanced on-site modes to enjoy the rewards in other kinds. For example, HerBodyBank is a crowdfunding site that helps women to collect funds for cosmetic surgeries. It allows fundraisers to upload their explicit pictures and post them for sale. Men purchase these pictures using on-site tokens. Another interactive feature is one-to-one private cam chat to let fundraiser earn some additional tokens by privately interacting with the donator.

  • Find women for casual interaction

We have seen donators signing up just to find women who would be interested in them. Such men utilize these sites as a dating platform. Their primary intention is not a donation but to find a woman for a relationship or just a casual sex. They see donations as the charges paid to a dating app for letting them make some personal connections with the women.

PS: It depends on the privacy and usage policies of the websites. Not all crowdfunding sites allow the usage as a dating platform. i.e., to have offsite interactions or meetings. So read the terms and conditions before you lose the accumulated fund for violating them.

Should you trust a crowdfunding site?

A calculated answer would be “it depends”. Not all crowdfunding sites are trustworthy. Recently we saw how a very famous crowdfunding site, which offered free implants to women, was in news for sudden shutdown. Like every easily available option, you should be extremely cautious in choosing a crowdfunding platform as well.

The federal laws protect the Crowdfunding sites. The platform has been recognized as commerce and is bounded to comply with the rules of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These laws protect the users on all the crowdfunding sites, including the dedicated sites for breast implants. Moreover, even the local law enforcement bodies and FBI keeps track of the financial disparities to prevent international money laundering on these sites.

Hence, it is safe to say, like every other e-commerce trade, crowdfunding sites are safe establishment. By conducting a throughout research on rules and compliance of the site, you can select a safer platform for getting help with breast implants.

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