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Coffee is a brewed drink, prepared from the roasted coffee beans that are harvested from the seeds of berries. Its origin is from Ethiopian lands where the coffee beans were harvested, and drink became widely used in Yemen.

Today it has become essential for every household, and the percentage of coffee drinkers is up on the rise each day, as it has never been.

Coffee is an essential entity as soon as your day starts. It seems that almost the whole of your office building is already holding a cup of coffee or in line to get first thing in the morning.

According to the survey at the National Association of Coffee, almost 64% of Americans drink coffee every day. The number of coffee drinkers has increased with a remarkable number worldwide as well. It is difficult to find any single household that does not have at least a single coffee lover.

Popularity and Benefits

Coffee is being widely used by men and women equally. Sometimes to start a fresh day, or sometimes to revamp from a hectic day. Coffee mornings are very common in women, whereas many meetings and evening meetups completely rely upon a cup of coffee.

Coffee is one of the most popular drink that is consumed around the world because of its several benefits. Studies show that coffee has high levels of antioxidants and some beneficial nutrients, providing coffee drinkers with a much lower risk of several diseases.

For example, it helps in boosting the metabolic rate, burning fat, improving physical performance, reducing the risk of type two diabetes, protecting from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, lowering the risk of Parkinson’s, increasing the level of dopamine in return making you a happier person, reducing the risk of liver cancer and stroke, protecting from heart diseases along with providing nutrients like vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, manganese and potassium.

With the widespread of coffee drinkers, there’s a specific name for all the coffee lovers – called javaphile. Java is popular slang for coffee and phile is a suffix that refers to the fondness of a thing. Coffee lovers are already glued to their coffee and fully equipped with the best supplies.

However, when you have a friend or loved one who is serious about their daily caffeine intake, you would not like to get them something as a gift that they already have or will not be beneficial for them at all. Below is a list of the shortlisted gift ideas for their ravenous thirst of that perfect cup of coffee they drink each day:

1. Coffee Maker Machine   

According to a coffee review article, espresso is several things at once. If you are looking for an extraordinary gift for a serious coffee drinker and also have a larger budget, an espresso making machine could be a mind-blowing addition to the collection of your loved one.

However, if by any chance you are sharing a roof with that person, the pleasure will be equally yours. There are many great espressos and Nespresso machines available out there.

Do make sure that the machine is powerful and well-built to be used at home with a long life. This could be an ideal gift for the coffee makers who brew and make their Nespresso and black coffee at home.

It might be an expensive item, but it is a long-lasting and the most convenient one. In case you are gifting the coffee maker to a female friend, adding a pack of a coffee machine cleaner would give a touch of a more thoughtful attitude.

2. Coffee Subscription

Probably the unique gift you can give to your coffee lover friend is the worldly coffee subscription of different coffee clubs around. This would be a unique, pleasing gift of the year consisting of flavor profile, brewing methods, lessons in history and origin of the coffee brand, tasting notes and beautiful festive packaging.

It is easy to sign up someone for the coffee subscription clubs. They usually send monthly gifts consisting of coffee beans in support of the farmers and sustainable energy practices around the world. Coffee lovers will cherish this unique idea for a long time.

3. A travel coffee mug

A travel coffee mug could look like an ordinary gift item, but the convenience that it provides to the coffee drinker of resting the coffee hot for hours is bliss. This travel mug is the absolute best for those javaphile who love to carry their coffee everywhere, by keeping the coffee hot and spill-free without the risk of burns.

There are several companies that are selling travel coffee mugs, but the best ones are those that keep your coffee steaming for the long hours to survive, long distant commutes and early morning meetings.

Ideally, a 16-ounce cup preserves the drinks for 6 hours, locking down the temperature and the test till you are ready to enjoy the sip of your coffee, is heavenly when you have a busy routine seven days a week.

4. Airless Coffee bean saver

If you know someone who has been a coffee lover for quite some time, and their opened coffee beans bag has been going stale and does not present the same freshness and aroma. This freshness conserving airless coffee bean saver will blow their minds.

These are stackable jars and are great to store the precious brands of coffee beans. They would love to have it as a gift since this will save their stock of coffee from being wasted.

5. Stainless steel French Press tumbler   

A stainless-steel drench press tumbler is a perfect gift for those who cannot manage to prepare their favorite coffee before leaving the house. Despite the fact, people have a love for coffee but their work pressure and time limitation does not allow them to prepare their favorite cup of coffee.

Giving a French press tumbler would leave them thanking you, every time they leave the house with that tumbler in their hand. A stainless-steel double-walled tumbler would prevent them from burning their hands while they reach for it to grab in the state of caffeine depletion.

Wrap up

Finally, after knowing the popularity of coffee and the benefits that these coffee drinkers may achieve is a reason enough for you to consider the above and several other options of giving an ideal gift to your loved ones.

There could be any occasion or a reason for you to acknowledge their love for coffee. Even if you are running low on your budget, you may personalize the cute accessories with the quotations or the small beans graphics imprinted on it.

There is no harm in presenting them with their favorite coffee packs or maybe the most exquisite and expensive coffee beans called Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak could make your loved one drool, provided he or she possesses good knowledge about the coffee brands, and it’s brewing.

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