Pre-Made Salads

Modern-day technology has come to the rescue during these troubling times. The internet keeps your employment alive.

It also brings your favourite foods to your doorsteps. Ready-made, ready-to-eat, or ready-to-heat foods have made our kitchens the stuff of legends.

You can be accompanied by your favourite dish now while at the work table. Salad servers direct, and other such companies deliver those dishes in packages when you need them. And there are plenty of them.

Pre-Making Choices for Pre-Made Salads

Salads are the healthiest foods you can have while working from home. They are nutritious while filling your stomach as well.

The pre-made food providers like Salad servers direct, let you choose from a variety to suit your palette. Some of those are a must-try this season.

Garden Salad

For every veggie lover’s delight, the garden salad contains all the healthy and tasty vegetables you need. This motley mix of greens, however, doesn’t come with a compromise on taste. It is, you could say, a garden variety item.

Every bowl contains lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, capsicum, and cucumber as the primary ingredients. These are fresh and well chopped to look good as well.

Providers allow for the dressing of your choice to be added to the top. These dressings will cost extra, but bring more flavour and fun with them.

A typical serving can feed five, though smaller portions are also available. It is suitable for parties and events having ten or more people.

Persian Rice Salad

Persian Rice Salad

Photo Credit: Pexels

Are you looking for something exotic?

How about some salad with Persian royalty in it? The Persian rice salad aims to bring exactly that onto your plate.

It contains basmati and wild rice that has been cooked to the right softness. It mixes raisins, coconut, almonds, pine nuts, crisp vegetables, and currants with those. These ingredients are dressed in lemon citrus to boot.

If that wasn’t satisfactory, you also get cumin, spice, pepper, vinegar, Soy-based thickener, celery, and canola oil in the box. One box typically serves five people. The ingredients list speaks for itself in terms of nutritional value.

Classic Caesar Salad with Poached Chicken

Everybody knows Caesar Salad. It is the king amongst the salads, just like the emperor, it’s named after. The classic Caesar salad is an all-time favourite everywhere.

This bowl consists of all the things you’d expect in a Caesar salad: poached chicken that has been sliced to perfection, whole egg, bacon cooked home-style, parmesan cheese, and crispy croutons. There’s mayonnaise, lettuce, garlic, seeded mustard, hot English mustard, pepper, and thickener.

It’s food fit to be eaten like a king, as it’s meant to serve just one.

Thai Beef Noodle Salad

Beef Noodle Salad

Photo Credit: Unsplash

If you need to satiate hunger with something heavy but healthy, the Thai beef noodle salad is your answer. It has all the ingredients needed to do the job, like Thai beef marinating vermicelli noodles, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, canola oil capsicum, sugar, water, chilli, ginger, concentrated lemon juice, soy sauce, Hoi Sin Sauce, rice vinegar, and wheat fibre.

It is usually served in large-sized bowls suitable for parties and other small gatherings. Miniature versions can also be ordered to suit your needs.

A raging pandemic needn’t mean locking down your taste buds to bland food. Salad servers direct and similar services can help you beat the blues right at home.

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