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Tired of the pain? Tired of the embarrassment? And tired of shying away from conversations whenever anyone talks about hemorrhoids (or as it’s generally called ‘piles’)?

Well, you are not alone. Studies (2012) conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health tell that almost 75 percent of humans will be affected by hemorrhoids at some point in their lives.

But how is that relevant to you? Well, it may take you by surprise, but just against this huge problem stands a great solution.

A final treatment to rid you off of piles with:


All you need to do is go for it. A laser treatment will cure it once and for all. And the best thing is that it’s safer and way more comfortable than most of the conventional methods.

The treatment involves the use of a LASER (Diode Laser 980 nm/1470nm 15W to be used in proctology).

To know more about how the treatment works its way to cure patients, just refer to the section that follows.

How does LASER Treatment work for Piles Patients?

While you may really need to cure your condition at the earliest before you go for a LASER treatment for piles you may want to know how it works.

Aiding to the same, here’s a sequence of things that happen throughout the surgery; so you have an idea.

  1. A dose of anesthesia is given to the patient
  2. LASER energy is delivered to the submucosal hemorrhoidal nodes directly from the radial fiber
  3. This shrinks the swollen nodes from the inside
  4. The same LASER also reduces the blood supply; leading to a stoppage of the abnormal growth of hemorrhoids inside the rectum
  5. Ultimately this whole procedure prevents the occurrence or recurrence of the disease in most cases

NOTE: A formal surgical intervention may be required in some cases. Don’t worry about it. Nothing in the process will hurt you.

 The treatment takes a total of 30 minutes and right after that time, the patient can be discharged and taken back home.

Still, doubting its usefulness? Looking at its advantages may change your mind.

  1. No cuts or wounds
  2. Completely painless
  3. No diet restrictions at all
  4. You can resume your work right from the next day
  5. It’s the most aesthetic of all the procedures (boosts patient’s confidence)
  6. Least risk of infections involved
  7. Minimal blood loss
  8. Takes only 10-15 minutes to be done
  9. Doesn’t eat up days for planning or preparations; performed on the very same day
  10. Least postoperative uneasiness or discomfort to the patient
  11. Sphincter action is kept totally safe excluding all odds of a fecal leak or any incontinence
  12. Quick recovery

So, you see? It’s the easiest and most convenient that a piles treatment has ever been. Coming with no pain, no cuts, and no restrictions at all, laser treatment is your first best bet to treat piles; the easy way.

What to do when you’re not sure about your condition?

Well, if this is the case, the first thing you need to know is why is this question cropping up. And secondly, you need to book an appointment to get yourself checked by a doctor.

‘Piles’ is a condition that (just like any other disease) worsens when not paid proper attention to.

The moment you start feeling any kind of swelling inside the anal region or discomfort while sitting or standing or observe blood while passing stool, you should know that this is the time when you go for a checkup.

Either by a physical examination or by any of the two electronic diagnosis methods (1. Digital Rectum Examination 2. Proctoscopy), the practitioner will identify the actual problem.

Final words

Piles is an evil that has taken over the happiness of hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. Laser treatment surgeries like the ones that Pristyn Care provides to its patients are a boon in such conditions.

In this post, you read about how much surgery can help you cure your ‘piles’ condition; easily.

Hope it helped you.

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