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A gas oven can be used in so many different ways, and one of those ways is broiling.  However, if you are new to gas ovens and have no idea how to broil, then no worries. If it’s your first time using a gas oven, not getting things right off the bat is normal. You might be a little lost, and things may be confusing, but not to worry!

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and all it really needs is a breakdown of the procedure. So, within a few moments, you’ll be making perfectly broiled meals in no time! Without any further ado, here are the steps you need to learn to know how to broil in a gas oven.

 How to broil in a gas oven?

Now, I know that there are times you can get lost when dealing with gas ovens. Like, perhaps you do see the broiler setting, but for some reason when you turn it on it doesn’t seem to work. Or you can’t place where you’re supposed to put in your food to have it broiled. However, it is alright. (See also: [Cooking Tips] How to Make Your Favorite Foods Healthier)

Soon, in these quick and easy steps, you will be able to cook without any complications.

1. Find the drawer

When you turn on the setting to broiler and look inside the regular compartment, you may notice that there is no heat gathering at the top of the oven. Well, that is because you are supposed to broil inside of the drawer that you will find at the bottom and not inside of the oven. Gas ovens were designed to have only one burner, so, to make things easy, the baking option is on top of the burner, while below is where you’d be able to do your broiling. With the space left underneath it, you will be able to put in the food you want to broil and have the heat directly above it due to its economical design.

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2. Pull the drawer out.

Now, the next thing that you need to check is to see if there is anything on the drawer. Things like the basic stuff that includes making sure that it is clean or if there is anything that you need to take out. You would not want anything to get in the way now, do we?

Most of the time, gas ovens will provide you with a broiler pan. You will be making use of it soon.

3. Set the oven temperature to broil and make it heat up for 5 minutes.

When you have made sure that the compartment is clean and empty, you have to take out the broiling pan and set the gas oven to the right temperature setting. Allow it to heat up for around five minutes, and when that’s done, put inside the broiling pan and let it preheat for another five minutes.

4. Add a thin layer of oil on your cooking.

Instead of letting your food soak in the oil, you should add a thin layer of oil on top of the food. That is because if you let it soak, the chances are it’ll begin to burn instead of giving that delicious broiled taste. To make sure that you are giving it that proper golden brown finish instead of a charcoal black, add in the small amount of oil. With it, it also ensures that your food will not stick onto the pan.

5. Put your food inside and broil.

Keep in mind that you should not close the drawer all the way. You need to give it at least one or two inches for its opening to prevent flare-ups from happening. Hence, to keep things safe inside your kitchen, please do not forget to keep the small opening. At this time, you might be looking for any gas flames, but you might not be able to see any.

Nevertheless, you would be able to feel the heating of the drawer, and with the opening, you can see when the food is already browning. All that is left would be for you to broil just how you like it to be and wait for your food to finish cooking. Then you can enjoy a lovely broiled meal.

Voila! A broiled meal!

In just five short steps, you are already able to start cooking broiled meals inside of your gas oven! Now, the gas oven should not look as complicated as it used to be. After all, it is effortless if you just break everything down and start from step one. You follow the same instructions provided on how to broil food using a gas oven, and you should be fine.

Remember; following the entire procedure keeps you safe and your food yummy.  Let me know if you did it right. Let me enjoy it with you!

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