Improve the Health of Your Hair

Well groomed hair is perhaps the first thing that catches attraction each time you step into a party or social gathering. To get the perfect hairstyle, one must first emphasize on healthy hair. There are numerous products and hair care tonic available in the market that promises healthy hair growth.

One should always prefer natural ways to nourish your hair that ensures zero damage to your hair and scalp. Here we’ll discuss some efficient ways that help in getting healthy hair without harming your hair.

Say No to Daily Washing

Many people are habitual of washing their hair on a daily basis, which results in weakening of hair. How often must one wash their hair? It’s the fundamental question that people keep on asking each time they visit a dermatologist.

Your hair has a natural oil that nourishes and protects the tresses. Regular washing with shampoo eventually washes this oil leaving dry and frizzy hair. One should prefer the use of shampoo only 2 to 3 times a week for efficient results.  Furthermore, according to the hair styling experts, one should wash their hair twice a week to prevent dryness and hair fall.

Never ignore your Lifestyle choices and Hair type

The thing that matters the most is the type of hair that decides the number of washes that are required per week.  A hairdresser may suggest you different ways according to your hair type so that you can get the desired hair style. Furthermore, there are certain shampoos and conditioners that must be avoided to get healthy scalp and hair.

One should always consult a dermatologist before choosing shampoo if you have any issues related to your hair like hair fall, dryness, roughness, etc. Your dermatologist may suggest some medicated shampoo and hair oil that ensures proper growth and strengthening of hair.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Hair Styling Brush

Numerous women ignore the fact that a hairbrush plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your hair and scalp. There are different hair styling brush available on the market that is designed for different hair types. You can choose the appropriate one according to your hair type. Considering the wrong brush can severely damage your hair resulting in hair loss.

Power of a Hair Styling Brush

One can consult their hair stylist regarding the use of paddle type or round brushes. Sometimes the culprit behind frizzy hair is a static charge on your brush. One should prefer an anti static brush to avoid the static charge and get smooth and straight hair. It has been seen that static charge may result in rough and dry hair and may damage the hair in the long run.

A Gentle Massage is all you need

A good massage could be the best way to enhance the blood circulation in the entire scalp. It simply helps to detoxify the scalp, which in turn helps in hair growth. One should prefer organic hair oil to massage the scalp that completely nourishes the hair and also covers any nutrients deficiency.

It is advised that one should consult a dermatologist regarding the oil preferences if you are allergic to cosmetic oils. There are several organic options available in the market that strengthens the hair.

Towel Dry your hair before Applying a Conditioner

One should dry the hair with a towel before applying a hair conditioner, which will help in maintaining the consistency of the conditioner over the hair. Sometimes it has been seen that people usually apply conditioner just after they shampoo their hair, which could reduce the effect of a conditioner.

Applying a Conditioner

Now coming on the type of conditioner, one should always prefer protein rich conditioner that can simply provide the necessary nutrients to your hair. Apart from this, one can consider numerous websites offering organic products. Make sure you check the reviews before choosing one.

Consider Combing your Wet Hair over Brushing

Wet hair is comparatively weaker as compared to dry hair, and brushing wet hair may increase the chances of hair fall and split ends. One should consider combing the wet hair, and when the hair gets dry, you can use a brush to get the desired hairstyle. One should gently press the hair with a towel and then comb it from scalp to the tip.


A good hair demands healthy habits and adequate nurture. The above-mentioned tips are proven to be fruitful for getting healthier and longer hair.

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