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The importance of having and maintaining good oral hygiene cannot be overemphasized, especially in a generation where Millennials love fast food which is not so healthy for the development of the teeth. At one particular time of our lives, everyone faces a problem with teeth or gum making oral hygiene an inevitable topic to speak about it.

There are major teeth signs that should alter the frequency of seeing your family dentist. But why? Because when the problem persists you might end up losing your precious teeth. The following are great indicators that you need to see your dentist as soon as possible:

1. Bleeding gums

This is one of the common red flags that many ignore when brushing. Well, it is not usual to bleed every time you are brushing, apparently, many think it is a usual occurrence but it is not.  Besides your gum bleeding, you may notice you have other periodontal diseases which destroy the tissue of your teeth. Such conditions include tender gums, swollen gums, discharge between the teeth, and red gums. If you are in Burlington, it is time to visit a certified dentist.

2. Toothache

Having some pain in the teeth may mean you may have developed some tooth cavities or dental carriers. Additionally, you may have suffered from broken teeth. Nevertheless, your guesses may not be right and only your dentist Burlington should dictate the main cause of your pain.

3. Dry mouth

Basically, your dentist in Burlington is trained to handle all issues that are related to oral hygiene. And if you are not taking any drug like cigars or marijuana you should be having a dry mouth. Your mouth should be well-lubricated with saliva but if you usually experience dry mouth, then it is time to visit a dentist to know the reason behind your issue.

4. Sores in your mouth

This can be a really painful condition, especially when it occurs on your tongue. It comes in handy with bumps in your mouth. Of course, there are sores that usually disappear after some weeks and days which self-heal. However, conditions like thrush and candidiasis call attention from a qualified dentist Burlington.

5. Mobile teeth

Teeth are supposed to be in their gums and no shifting or looseness should be witnessed in your mouth. No matter what you are eating there should be no movement in your teeth. It could be a bone loss which you need to take seriously by visiting a dentist.

6. Receding gums

Well, although this is a normal condition among the elderly occurring to almost 88% of people above 65 years old, it should not happen among the younger. Gum recession usually exposes the root of your teeth, which can cause more complications. The condition among the young is usually caused by gum diseases. By visiting a dentist early enough, you can protect more tooth damage.


Whether it is tooth pain or teeth sensitivity becomes too high that you cannot take a hot or very cold drink, you need to book an appointment with your dentist. An experienced dentist Burlington should have the capacity to diagnose your dental issues and deal with it accordingly.

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