Remaining Forever Young

Being forty, a generation ago, is like being fifty today. Advancement in care and better education on diet has helped people to stay younger, longer.

However, there are those who never seem to age one day, even when they get to the latter stages of life.

If you want to be one of them, here are a few things you should start doing, right away.

Eat and drink intelligently

This is the most important item on the list. You can add all the other ones below to your life, if you don’t implement this one, it will be all for nothing. Your body needs to be taken care of the right way, and that is by giving it the nutrients it needs.

As you get older, some of the cells in your body don’t reproduce quite as fast: Don’t worry about it. Add Elevant supplements pills to your diet, and it will help re-boost your NAD+ and revitalize your cells. That will translate into more energy and aging less rapidly.

These supplements of NMN will naturally elevate the level of NAD+ in your body. Since they have passed all the tests and were declared safe by the US FDA regulatory guidelines, you can be sure that you are actually adding to your quality of life.

But start by eating the right way, as you get up in the morning. A cup of coffee will not only clear the cobwebs of the night, but it will also stimulate your brain and bring energy as well. Add fruit and some fiber to your breakfast, before leaving home.

Then, make sure the rest of your day will follow a balanced diet that will include vegetables, fruits, proteins (animal and vegetable), and carbohydrates as well.

You need everything in normal quantities. Then, the only thing you are still required to do is drink water. Always carry a bottle with you.

Whenever you feel thirsty, you should drink right away. Your body needs the water to function well, but it will also keep it hydrated, which will greatly help the quality of your skin.

Reduce Your Level of Stress

This may be easier said than done, but you need to find ways to keep your anxiety level, as low as possible.

Stress kills everything: your body, your work, your relationships… If you let the anxiety take over, you will find yourself alone, lost in a maze you will have created in your head, looking for a way out, without seeing the exit sign.

Give yourself a break. Don’t ask things of yourself that you can not live up to. There are elements in life which you should be able to change, in order to get yourself a better quality of life.

But there are other elements that will always remain out of your control. You need to accept that they exist and that they will be that way forever. The act of acceptance will reduce the anxiety you suffer from, tenfold.

Be Love and be loved

Love is not a word that refers only to those in relationships. You can love everything that is around you. You need to open your eyes to the beauty and shut the negative vibes (and people) out.

To love is to give the best of yourself, in every situation, and to the people, you care for. It is a sensation that will make your life lighter. You will suddenly breathe better, as you open up to the world. The next step might be harder.

You have to let others inside your world. They have to be able to love you, and for that, you will need to drop the walls that protect you. But again, once you have done so, you will wonder why you’ve lived so long, isolated in your tower, before.

Move Your Body

Now that we can all go back out, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get back to a full life, where you exercise through movements.

You don’t have to go to the gym to be helping your body stay young. You can go for long walks in the forest, on the beach, or simply around your neighborhood. You can go out dancing with friends, or you can even do it in your living room!

You can put on a YouTube video and follow an instructor, through yoga movements or a Zumba dance.

There are so many ways to move your body and none that is better than the other. What you don’t want, is to find yourself, day after day, sitting on the couch, watching tv. Otherwise, you will grow old rapidly.

Keep Your mind busy

Your brain is like the rest of your body: If you don’t want it to grow old, you need to keep exercising it.

For people who need to use their brains a lot at work, it is not an issue. But if your work is constant repetition, then you need to add activities to help your mind stay fit.

There are great puzzle games today that you can do, on electronic consoles, or on paper. Choose the one you like and practice often.

About The Author:

Sumeet Manhas is a T-Shaped digital marketer and freelancer on Up work where he talks about digital marketing case studies, tips, techniques, and more. Helping startups with digital marketing is what he loves.

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