Midsection With a Mommy Makeover

After giving birth, you might notice that your midsection isn’t as toned and eye-catching as it used to be.

Even if you stay as healthy as possible while you are pregnant, you could be left with loose skin and stubborn abdominal fat that won’t seem to disappear no matter what you try.

To deal with those annoying cosmetic issues, you might want to consider the mommy makeover procedure. During that combination of procedures, your surgeon will be able to remove excess tissue from the midsection, repair damaged abdominal muscles, and create a slim and toned appearance.

The Truth About Loose Abdominal Skin

Your skin is a resilient organ that can withstand quite a bit of damage over the years, but it is going to lose its elasticity at some point. When you gain and lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, it will be very difficult for your skin to remain tight.

That is one of the reasons why so many mothers struggle with loose skin after giving birth. You might also be left with quite a bit of excess fat throughout the midsection, and those cosmetic issues could potentially last for years if you don’t seek out help.

Exercising and following a healthy diet will eventually burn off some of the fat, but your skin might never return back to its original size. If that sounds like your own situation, then you might want to look over some mommy makeover before and after photos to see if that combination treatment is right for you.

Adding a Tummy Tuck to Your Mommy Makeover Procedure

A mommy makeover can include a wide variety of procedures and treatments, and that includes a tummy tuck. During that portion of the mommy makeover, your surgeon is going to begin by making a small incision just below the waistline.

That incision can be hidden in the natural contours of the body, and it is going to be completely hidden when you are wearing clothes. Once the incision has been made, the surgeon can begin the process of carefully remove excess tissue throughout the midsection.

If the abdominal muscles have been damaged, then those will need to be repaired as well.

When a patient has loose skin, the surgeon might suggest that some of that tissue is removed as well. The final step of the tummy tuck is to carefully reposition the remaining tissue to create a slim, toned, and natural appearance.

Once the procedure is over, the surgeon can suture the incision shut and place a compression bandage over the midsection.

In most cases, patients can return home the very same day, but they will need to have a loved one ready to drive them.

When Will I See the Results?

As can be seen from the mommy makeover before and after photos, this procedure can produce amazing results, but you will need to be patient.

Immediately following the operation, you should plan on resting in bed for at least a few days. Once the soft tissue has begun to heal, carrying out light chores and bathing on your own should be fine as long as you are careful.

The average patient fully recovers from the mommy makeover procedure within five or six weeks. After one or two months, will be able to resume exercising as long as all of the tissue has healed.

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