Trip to the Surgical Center

After you have set a date for cosmetic surgery, you will need to spend a little bit of time getting ready for your procedure.

While your surgeon is going to give you explicit instructions in the weeks leading up to your operation, there are a few simple steps that patients can take to streamline this process.

With a little bit of hard work and a solid recovery plan, you will be able to greatly reduce your risk of unnecessary post-op complications that bring your life to a grinding halt.

Start With Your Initial Consultation

Well before you undergo cosmetic surgery in Sacramento, you will need to schedule your first meeting with the surgeon to learn more about the operation that you are interested in.

That consultation is very important because it will give you the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals as well as your medical history.

Your surgeon is going to need quite a bit of information regarding your medical history so that they can be sure you are healthy enough for the operation.

The surgeon is also going to give you extensive pre-op and post-op instructions that you must follow as closely as possible.

Establishing a Recovery Area

A week or two before you head to Precision M.D. Cosmetic Surgery Center, you should spend a little bit of time getting your home ready for your recovery period.

After getting cosmetic surgery in Sacramento, your recovery is going to be very important. Immediately following your operation, you must try to stay as comfortable and healthy as possible.

While every procedure is slightly different, most patients should plan on spending at least two or three days recovering in bed.

During that time, you will need to have water nearby, plenty of healthy snacks, and some form of entertainment. Having a loved one nearby is going to be very beneficial as well.

Improving Your Health

Your surgeon is going to give you extensive pre-op instructions, but patients should generally try to stay as healthy as possible leading up to any type of operation.

Staying healthy is going to shorten your recovery and reduce your risk of unnecessary complications and side effects.

Your surgeon will most likely suggest that you follow a strict diet, stay hydrated, exercise, and avoid all tobacco products. They will also need to take a closer look at any over-the-counter or prescription drugs that you are taking.

Your medication schedule might need to be altered before and after the procedure.

The Day of Your Operation

In the hours leading up to your operation, you will probably be asked to avoid all foods and beverages. You will also need to have a loved one ready to take you to Precision M.D.

Cosmetic Surgery Center and pick you up after the operation is over. As for the procedure itself, most cosmetic operations take a few hours to complete, but you should be able to head home on the same day.

If you were given a sedative, then you are going to be quite groggy for at least 24 hours. Once the sedative has worn off, you must keep a close eye on the incisions and soft tissue near the treatment site.

After you are back and your feet and moving around, you will need to schedule your final follow-up appointment with the surgeon.

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