Effects of Car Accidents

Car accidents are often life-changing events.

You might have left your house full of energy only to come back stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. The extent of your injuries could mean zero social life or even death in the worst-case scenarios.

If the accident happened because of negligence, the victim should be compensated. You see, even if you were not physically injured in the accident, your mental health or finances can still be deeply affected.

Detailed below are accident consequences you should be on the lookout for.

Car Accident Consequences

1. Physical Injuries

Even if you did not break your neck, you will leave the accident scene with minor cuts or bruises.

If you suffer major injuries, it will take time to heal. You will retain scars and your ability to do the things you used to do will be affected.

After an accident, seek medical help. You might not be bleeding on the outside but sustained major internal injuries which are fatal if left untreated.

Common physical injuries after an accident include the following:

  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Bone fractures
  • Soft-tissue damages
  • Loss of limbs
  • Brain damage

2. Emotional Injuries

Normalize asking an accident victim how they are feeling. The trauma that comes with an accident destabilizes the mental health of the victim.

Dealing with a broken arm is better than dealing with emotional issues which cannot be assessed or treated physically.

Common emotional injuries include the following:

3. Financial Setbacks

Financial challenges after an accident can be severe to the individual and family. If you get admitted to the hospital, medical bills will pile up.

If your car was extensively damaged, you will incur auto costs or incur the expenses of getting a new one.

It is because of such financial consequences that you should get compensated for economic damages in an injury claim.

If, however, you were the cause of the accident and did not have comprehensive insurance coverage, the bills will take a toll on your bank account.

Some people never recover financially after an accident.

4. Inability to Work and Do the Things You Used to Love

Depending on the level of your injuries, some people never get their life back, entirely as it was before the accident. For instance, if you were a football player and you broke your leg, you might never get back on the field.

Also, the victim might not be able to report to work during recovery. This might mean loss of the job or a reduction in wages.

This sudden turn of events from being productive and active to unproductive and inactive is frustrating to the victim.

5. Transportation Challenges

If your car was damaged and towed to the garage or is under police custody for investigation, your transportation is affected.

Simple tasks like taking kids to school or shopping errands become stressful because of a lack of reliable transport.

Renting a car or using a taxi for daily errands adds to your bills.

6. Increased Insurance Rates

Your insurance premiums increase after an accident appears on your record. This occurs regardless of whether you are the victim or at fault. Your premiums will remain high as long as your car has an accident record, adding to your financial burdens.

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Understanding Accident Damages Is Important

Driver negligence can rob you of your life. Understanding the damages caused plays a major role in filing a compensation claim.

After checking into the hospital, the next call should be made to a car accident attorney, who will ensure that you are compensated for all the damages.

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